Whitley County Recognizes and Celebrates Local Manufacturing

November 13th, 2017

Students Tour Manufacturing Companies 

We make things. And we’re good at it. Sometimes we need to put aside our “Humble Hoosier” mentality and share with the rest of the world that we are doing great things, and we’re doing them in small rural communities like Whitley County.

Whitley County recently partnered with local schools and manufacturing companies to promote and recognize manufacturing and its impact on our local economy. The idea spurred from National Manufacturing Day, which took place on Friday, October 6. If you’re not familiar with National Manufacturing Day, it was created to celebrate modern manufacturing and inspire the next generation of manufacturers. But there was so much interest in Whitley County from local high schools and companies in participating in the event, that we decided to extend the event throughout the entire month of October.

Many manufacturing companies in Whitley County provided tours:

Katie Dewitt, marketing project manager and Riley Hollenbaugh, director of workforce and community development at the Whitley County EDC, visited several of the companies for the student tours.

“It was great to see the students engaged and asking questions during the tours,” Dewitt said. “It’s one thing to learn about different career paths, and another to go inside several of the local workplaces and actually see what’s happening firsthand.”

More than 150 high school students from Churubusco, Columbia City, Eagle Tech, TROY Center and Whitko visited local manufacturing companies throughout the month.

“The experience was great for the students and myself to see all of the unique products that are being made here in Whitley County,” said Hollenbaugh. “Hopefully this opens the students perspectives on a manufacturing career path with a local employer.”

We hope to continue Whitley County Manufacturing Month again next year, and do whatever we can to continue partnering with our companies and local schools on these events.    

We also want Whitley and Noble County residents to know that we still have workforce training dollars available for individuals seeking training in the areas of: CNC machining, welding and industrial maintenance. Because there’s such a high demand for these manufacturing positions, we partnered with Noble County to receive grant dollars from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) specifically for training in these areas.

If you or someone you know is interested in the program contact the EDC at 260-244-5506 or edc@whitleyedc.com

- By Kate Dewitt and Riley Hollenbaugh with the Whitley County Economic Development Corporation

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