Why ContiTech North America Relocated R&D to DeKalb County

August 31st, 2021

Northeast Indiana's Business Climate, Workforce Touted in Expansion Story

Business People Magazine reporter Jennifer Blomquist shares the story of why technology company Continental expanded its operations in Auburn in DeKalb County.

After connecting with the DeKalb County Economic Development Partnership and the Northeast Indiana Colleges and Universities Network, Continental decided to plant roots in Northeast Indiana to grow the business.

Here's an excerpt from "Strength in Strategy" published by Business People Magazine:

Scott Bykowski, Head of Research and Development for vibration control technology and noise insulation R & D North America ContiTech AVS Segment for Continental, recently took on a major challenge to consolidate three technical centers into one location in Auburn, Indiana.

“On April 1, 2019, Continental purchased Cooper Standard Automotive’s Anti-Vibration Systems Segment from the Cooper Standard Organization,” says Bykowski.  “With the acquisition, we acquired additional facilities in the North American region and other plants around the world. The team evaluated proposals to consolidate tech centers in Auburn Hills, Michigan; Mitchell, Ontario; and Auburn, Indiana. It was an arduous process which required a tremendous amount of work by the core team. “We had to undergo extensive internal committee reviews at Continental and worked with the state and local governments to get the best proposal in order to make the right business decisions. Continental had the physical properties with the acquisition, but lacked the essential resources to get everything functioning efficiently” stated Bykowski.

That’s where Anton King, Executive Director for the DeKalb County Economic Development Partnership, stepped into the picture.

“We want to be able to provide assistance and assurance and really just serve as a resource to those companies as we bring them in,” says King. “We want to be able to eliminate or lessen the barrier of entry and with that, as talent is a crucial piece of the puzzle, being able to have a network like the Northeast Indiana Colleges and Universities Network to fulfill that need.”

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