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Located in the heart of the Midwest, Northeast Indiana boasts the fastest-growing metro in the Great Lakes region–Fort Wayne. Home to companies like GM, Steel Dynamics and Vera Bradley, Northeast Indiana provides a nationally competitive business landscape as well as access to major universities like Notre Dame, Purdue, Indiana, The Ohio State University and a deep talent pool from local institutions that focus on meeting the needs of local businesses. Northeast Indiana is in the middle of everything. In a three-hour drive, you can reach Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus. Northeast Indiana is not only the hub of the Midwest but has emerged as a hot spot for talent and business growth due to the high-value lifestyle options for its residents. From lake life to a vibrant downtown Fort Wayne, to Main Street America, Northeast Indiana has proven why it has deserved the nearly $2 billion in capital investment in the region from 2018-2020 and more than $1 billion in investment over the last ten years in downtown Fort Wayne. The work ethic in Northeast Indiana is unparalleled. The public, private and academic sectors collaborate to help businesses thrive and ensure Northeast Indiana remains one of the hottest and most business-friendly markets in the U.S. Experience Northeast Indiana, where business is made better.

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"Northeast Indiana has undergone a major transformation in the last decade. As the 11-county region continues this momentum, it’s a rewarding time to operate a business in this thriving area. The business-friendly climate and skilled workforce are why we do business in Northeast Indiana," said Mark Millett, chairman, president and CEO of Steel Dynamics.

From skilled talent to low operating costs, learn what business leaders are saying about doing business in Northeast Indiana.

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