Regional Internship Program

Investing in Tomorrow’s Talent Today

In Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne, we believe that increasing the number and quality of internships and experiential learning opportunities will prepare our students for full-time employment and expand our talent pool for regional employers.

Northeast Indiana is competing globally for talent. We know our region must attract and retain the talent needed to support our growing economy. One way we can achieve this goal is by attracting and retaining talent through our Regional Internship Program.

A study done by Battelle Technology Partnership Practice reported that one work experience opportunity increases a student’s likelihood of living in Indiana after graduation to 58 percent. Four work experience opportunities increase that likelihood to 75 percent.

Our Regional Internship Program supports our region’s talent development and talent attraction goals, but even more than that, internships give regional employers and their staff the opportunity to become more engaged at work, experience a new role and work with individuals on other teams. 

As the research shows, it takes more than one internship to make a community "sticky." Simply hosting an intern isn’t enough to keep young talent in the region. Our effort involves more than just hosting interns. We aim to exceed the expectations of students and employers by providing a high-quality internship program.

5 Ways Regional Employers Benefit from the Regional Internship Program

  1. Interns can bring fresh, innovative perspectives to your organization.
  2. Mentors can cultivate and engage young community leaders.
  3. Interns can increase diversity within an organization.
  4. Students can have a rich learning experience and share that experience with other young, catalytic talent.
  5. Employers can use the program to provide management experience to current employees.

We’ve partnered with Fort Wayne Metals to work with employers to create or enhance their internship programs. We provide workshops or one-on-one assistance for employers looking to host an intern.

Providing a high-quality internship is more than just agreeing to bring an intern into the organization. It means preparing and planning a robust program. Luckily, we can help with that. Our program is free and offered to employers in our 11 county region.

Benefits of the Regional Internship Program

  • Full implementation of the Regional Internship Program for regional businesses and organizations
  • Recruitment training on
  • Project planning
  • Mentor training
  • Professional development sessions for interns
  • Social and networking opportunities for interns
  • Participants can partner with peer employers in the region to collaborate on programing

Want to learn more about how to kick start your organization's internship program? Contact us to sign up for free resources and implementation. 

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