Artist Program FAQ

What precautions are being taken in response to COVID-19?

We are monitoring all federal, state and local guidance regarding fall events and travel. Our top concern is the health and safety of artists, mentorship program participants, volunteers and all event attendees, and we are considering several possible scenarios for Mural Fest events. We plan to host a responsible, safe and fun Mural Fest in September 2020, and we’ve pushed back the application deadlines to give artists more time to respond during this challenging time.

How does it work?

Applying is easy! If you would like to participate in the Make It Your Own Mural Fest, we would like you to submit an application with a rough concept of your proposal(s). Your Make It Your Own Mural Fest proposals should reflect some elements of the Toolkit for the county for which you are applying. So, for example, if you like the look of Noble County's wall, below, take a look at their Toolkit, and see if you can pull some inspiration from their theme ideas. 

What's the timeline for Make It Your Own Mural Fest?

  • Applications open: March 26, 2020
  • Deadline to apply: June 14, 2020
  • Jury selection: June 2020
  • All artists notified: Aug. 6, 2020
  • Make It Your Own Mural Fest: September 8-18, 2020 

Will the muralists be paid?

Yes! The total artist stipend range is $3,000-$7,000 per wall; Some installations are larger and the wall material is more difficult to navigate, which influenced the artist stipend. The selected artist will receive the final 75% stipend upon completion of the mural. We do not cover food or travel. However, we can help you find inexpensive lodging. We cover all the supply costs, which includes any recommended wall preparation, lift rental, paint and paint supplies.  We are investing in videographers and photographers who will be taking in-progress images of your installation, so you will have access to a healthy amount of content and you will be heavily marketed during the Fest and after the Fest ends. 

Will Make It Your Own Mural Fest pay for my travel, food and lodging?

No, travel, lodging and food for the muralist will not be covered by Make It Your Own Mural Fest.

Will Make It Your Own Mural Fest provide mural supplies?

Yes! All supplies including boom lift rental, paints, brushes, buckets and other mural needs will be provided by Make It Your Own Mural Fest.

Can I use spray, latex or acrylic paint to install a mural?


What kind of proposal is the jury hoping to see? 

Each county has developed a toolkit to help the muralist design a piece of artwork that reflects the county's culture and pulse. Artwork that reflects elements from these resources will receive additional consideration.

Who picks the artwork?

The jury is made up of individuals from each county as well as artists, university professors, and/or gallery representatives. Jury representatives from each individual county will select the winning artwork from a pool of concepts submitted to that county only. For example, jurors from Adams County will review all Adams County mural proposals. The jury will review the artwork in the summer of 2020. 

Does the muralist need to be in Northeast Indiana for the entire 11 days of the Mural Fest?

Yes. The muralist will be contractually obligated to attend several Mural Fest related events and work on their mural during the 11 days of the Mural Fest.

If my design is chosen, can I bring my partner or friend to help with the installation?

Yes, of course! As a reminder, anyone volunteering to help must sign a waiver before they can work on the project.

Do I have to work with the volunteers assigned to me?

The Mentorship Program is designed to help local artists gain valuable experience in installing large-scale murals. As Make It Your Own Mural Fest muralist, your role is to guide these aspiring muralists and mentor them during the 11-day installation. 

What if I cannot get the mural done in 11 days?

Selected muralists will sign an agreement that outlines the procedures and steps that need to be taken should a muralist be unable to finish their project within the timeline. If your schedule prevents you from working on the project during Mural Fest, we do not recommend that you apply.