Make Northeast Indiana Your New Home Base

Northeast Indiana is family-friendly, affordable, and thriving economically. It’s the kind of place where neighbors take care of each other; where summers are full of parades; where service still matters. Northeast Indiana is the perfect place for you and your family’s new “home base.”

Working Here

Northeast Indiana‘s economy is booming. Our legacy is in manufacturing and agriculture, but our future is much more cutting-edge. In fact, our 11-county region is home to defense-industry leaders BAE Systems and Raytheon, the headquarters of many leading medical device and technology corporations, and Sweetwater Sound, a major music and recording-technology distributer. These industries are all looking for workers who have the valuable skills and experience earned and learned in military service.

These new industries, along with the region’s specialty insurance sector and all the new small businesses, have made Fort Wayne the 15th best city in America for finding a job.

And in Northeast Indiana, we do everything we can to help make sure military veterans are at the head of the line.

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Living Here

Northeast Indiana is a place where Midwestern values are still alive—neighborliness, friendliness, and a spirit of always pitching in. Part of that spirit of service is making sure that new neighbors always feel welcome. Our Buddy Program [internal link] for military veterans will partner you with a local veteran who can help answer all your questions about what you and your family should expect when you make the move to Northeast Indiana.

What will you hear from locals about life in Northeast Indiana? You’ll hear about the low cost of living. You’ll hear about some of the best school districts in the state. You’ll hear about the hundreds of lakes in the region and the hundreds of miles of hiking, biking, and walking trails. You’ll hear about the short drive to Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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Learning Here

Northeast Indiana is home to 18 colleges and universities, which makes our region the perfect place to maximize the benefits offered by the GI Bill. Our colleges and universities also offer numerous technical certificate programs, as well as continuing-education programs to turn the military’s technical training into marketable job skills.

Northeast Indiana will also help prepare your children for the future. Fort Wayne is home to eight STEM-focused, New Tech schools, as well as two of the top-10 school districts in the state.

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