Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership Unveils Rolling 3-Year Strategic Plan: The plan presents forward-looking strategies for positioning the 11-county region as the location of choice for all businesses and people determined to be tomorrow’s market leaders.

Northeast Indiana Stories

Our Stories will show you that Northeast Indiana is a region on the move. While we’ve always been hard-working and family-friendly, this region realizes those are not the only positive attributes worth highlighting. We’re embracing and celebrating our proven ability to provide challenging professional opportunities and an incredible quality of life to match. From outdoor activities to cultural diversity, from peace and quiet to rock and roll, Northeast Indiana has the assets you need to write the next chapter—a better chapter—of your story.

Ready To Experience Life in Northeast Indiana?

Our videos show how one place can bring about the diverse stories of businesspeople and bull riders, entrepreneurs and engineers, musicians and managers—and not just how they make a living, but how they make a difference and have fun, too. We hope Our Stories make you wonder what your story could look like. Watch the videos below to see how your story could unfold in Northeast Indiana.