Trails, Parks, and More

Outside and on the Move

Remember that time you flew down the hills, wind in your face, over rocks and roots? Maybe you were on foot or maybe on wheels. But even as sore as you were afterward, you were looking forward to the next time you could fly.

In Northeast Indiana, next time for a run or a ride could be whenever and wherever you’d like. It could be as soon as you step out of the office, when you walk out your front door, during your Fort4Fitness training, or during your commute from work to home. 

We work hard here—sweating, building our muscles, making our lungs scream and our hearts pound.

With nearly a hundred miles of trails, ranging from mountain-bike pathways to urban asphalt bike lanes to wide sidewalks, you can wind your way through the trees, across the rivers, between the city blocks that make up downtown, or down a path that once carried steam engines.

We work hard here—sweating, building our muscles, making our lungs scream and our hearts pound. Here, being active isn’t just a hobby. It’s a way of life celebrated by thousands. We run, push, and walk in races across the region. We commute to work on anything less with than four wheels. We take to the trails with the family in tow every weekend.

Are you ready to get outside and on the move? Join us and let’s make our next adventure in Northeast Indiana. 

Did You Know?

  • Fort Wayne Trails’ ever-expanding network of trails is more than 100 miles strong—and growing. For a trail map and connection to events and rides, check out its website.
  • Fort4Fitness, Northeast Indiana’s largest run/walk, has broken participation records in as the race grows year-after-year. Whether it’s the fall half-marathon, or the spring cycling event, getting involved is simple—and this community welcomes newbies with open arms.
  • Northeast Indiana is home to many local bike shops and running specialty stores, and they’re full of passionate folks eager to spread the word and get you started down the path to wellness, connectivity, and fun.
  • Three Rivers Velo Sport organizes rides year-round, from touring to time trials, from mountain biking to special events.
  • Mountain-bike adventures run wild throughout Northeast Indiana, with trails in Morsches Park (Columbia City) and Franke Park (Fort Wayne).
  • Trek the Trails is an immensely popular program with weekly Tuesday evening family-friendly rides throughout the summer. 
  • In the winter, the Salamonie Reservoir area offers 40 miles of public snowmobile trails on the south side of Wabash and Huntington counties, in cooperation with local snowmobile clubs, the Indiana Snowmobilers Association and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.
  • Oubache State Park featured paved bike trails and an interactive Bison exhibit where park-goers can meet live Bison.