Talent Development

In Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne, we are developing tomorrow’s talent today by investing in the talent pipeline across our 11-county region.

One of Vision 2030’s three goals is increasing education and credential attainment in the region to 60 percent by 2030.

An Educated Workforce

Why? Research shows more than 60 percent of future jobs will need a high-quality degree or credential. To compete in a global economy, Northeast Indiana must invest in our talent pipeline.

How do we do this? With collaboration and alignment. By working with industry leaders and educational institutions, Northeast Indiana is in the pursuit of progress. We are developing a region with an educated workforce for regional employers.

To increase the pool of qualified and diverse job candidates in the region, we focused on increasing access to education and training, successful completion of education and training, and retention in the region after completion.

With a committee of business, community and educational leaders, Northeast Indiana’s Talent Development committee will advance key cradle-to-career initiatives concentrated on increasing education attainment across the continuum.

Regional Economic Development Focused on Solutions

The committee of subject-matter experts volunteer their time to progress the goals of the region. The committee is grouped by subcommittees listed below.

Vision 2030 Talent Development Subcommittees


Empower students of all ages to choose their desired quality of life, education and career path.

Internships & Apprenticeships

Increase the number and quality of internships, apprenticeships and other experiential learning opportunities.

Professional Mentoring

Support opportunities for younger professionals to connect to mentoring and professional development to increase the quality of young local talent.


Increase the rate of FAFSA completion among high school seniors.

Early Learning

Support the expansion of quality early learning opportunities through advocacy, coalition building and awareness efforts.

Northeast Indiana is experiencing resilient growth and progress. Are you ready to make an impact? Contact us today to get involved in building tomorrow’s talent today.

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