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If you want to take your career one step further and create positive change in your community, the Emerging Leaders Alliance is your place for advancement, growth, and powerful possibility.

About Us

Today's young professionals are risk takers, innovators, doers, and creators. We are a generation of young leaders just like you, and we are influencing the progress of Northeast Indiana.

The Emerging Leaders Alliance (ELA) is a network of young professionals committed to developing a community of future leaders and together creating opportunities for action, growth, and regional pride.

If you want to take your career one step further or create positive change in your community, then the ELA is your place for advancement, growth, and powerful possibility.

Serving as an advisory body to the Regional Partnership and supporting the Vision 2030 initiative, the ELA works to help the region maximize its potential and become an even greater place where businesses and people can thrive.

What do Emerging Leaders Want in Northeast Indiana?

A voice. Emerging leaders in our region want the opportunity to have a seat at the table and to be involved in the happenings of our communities.

These young leaders are looking for volunteer and mentoring opportunities, the chance to pursue higher education and the ability to support local businesses. They’re also looking to be able to use their voice as a means of community advocacy, political action and promoting the visibility of non-profit organizations.

In joining the ELA, young professionals are given the chance to work side-by-side with CEOs and business executives in the region’s 11 counties.

Young professionals, with their unique position in the workplace, are critical to the success of our communities and the region. A mix of desire and passion makes young professionals quite magnetic, and this passion is what fuels the region’s progress.

The Regional Partnership and the ELA are working to achieve three goals by 2030 — we call this plan Vision 2030.

  • Increase per capita personal income (PCPI) annually against the national average
  • Grow population to 1 million residents
  • Increase the percentage of Northeast Indiana residents with high-quality degrees or credentials to more than 60 percent

Why Young Professionals?

The ELA was originally established as the Millenial Leaders Alliance following the outcome of a 2012 survey of 2,700 millennials in Northeast Indiana, which asked young residents in our area for their thoughts on the region’s greatest assets and biggest challenges.

The results were eye-opening. We learned that in order to compete in the global marketplace, increase business investment, and attract and retain a talented workforce, we needed to include the voice of our future leaders. Those future leaders include you.

And they’re right.

Your leadership, your innovation, and your grit are critical to helping Northeast Indiana increase business investment and compete in the global marketplace. 

Why Membership Matters

“Getting involved and making connections in the community is why I joined the ELA. By being an ELA member, I can focus on my personal and professional development and learn how to become a leader in Northeast Indiana.” —Allison Acosta, Financial Analyst II at Johnson Controls

“What I love most about Northeast Indiana is the inclusion of young leaders. My voice as a young leader is valued in the ELA. I love being involved in our community. The last couple of years have really changed for me here in Northeast Indiana, and I know it's because I chose to get more involved. Opportunities like the ELA are so important,” said Justin Hayes, ELA member and Small Business Lending Officer at Lake City Bank.

Meet Our Current Members

  • Allison Acosta – Johnson Controls
  • Kristin Amstutz – Lincoln Financial Group
  • Derek Lamle – Katz, Sapper, & Miller, LLP
  • Danielle Falk –  Lincoln Financial Group
  • Morgan Ferguson – Steel Dynamics
  • Olivia Fought – State Farm
  • Daniel Gabbard –  The Zacher Company
  • Colton Geiger – Zimmer Biomet
  • Megan Grimes – MKM
  • Kara Hackett – Input Fort Wayne
  • Brad Hartman – Ash Brokerage
  • Justin Hayes – Lake City Bank
  • Jamie Holt – 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union
  • Nicole Kurut – Trinity School of Natural Health
  • Tiana Maclin – Regal Beloit
  • Andrea Mosley – AWS Foundation
  • Morgan Miller – PHP
  • Katie Robinson – Fort Wayne Airport
  • Sami Blair – Fort4Fitness
  • Victoria Sarjeant
  • Rachel Stephens – Noble County EDC
  • Brianna Tackett – Ash Brokerage
  • Kati Todd – Southern Wells Junior-Senior High School
  • Christen Wheeler – 80/20
  • Thayne White – Westpoint Financial Group

If you are ready to get involved, now is the time. Give us a call today, and let’s start making a positive impact in your life and in your community.

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