2024 NEI Annual Operating Plan (AOP)

From NEI CEO Stephane Frijia:

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that we have begun the process to craft our 2024 NEI Annual Operating Plan (AOP): a pivotal step forward in our journey to drive business investment and strengthen the region’s global competitiveness and economic resiliency. The AOP builds upon the strong foundation established by our Rolling Three-Year Strategic Plan released in June of 2022, and embodies our core values: integrity, respect, accountability and excellence.

As we navigate this process, we encourage you to actively participate and share your thoughts on potential opportunities, emerging trends, areas of regional importance and anything else you may deem useful and integral in shaping the direction of the 2024 NEI AOP.

Your expertise, insights and feedback (whether that be pioneering market segments, forging strategic alliances or embracing new tactics) are invaluable as we collectively refine a robust framework that aligns with our shared vision. Your perspectives will enrich our planning process and contribute to a well-informed, dynamic strategy that echoes the aspirations of our organization. Your input will not only help us identify opportunities for improvement – but also guide us in addressing regional needs effectively.

With that, please know our doors are open. Feel free to reach out to myself [stephane@neindiana.com] or to our Administrative Assistant Laura Cruz [laura@neindiana.com] to schedule a conversation, share your insights or offer feedback directly.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your steadfast support and dedication to NEI. Together, we have celebrated remarkable achievements, and we are eager to co-create yet another success story with your invaluable contributions.

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