Why You Should Invest

In Northeast Indiana, good is never quite good enough. We are always striving for more, striving for greatness. Our vision is to defy the status quo and break new ground. Our business and community leaders are saying they can feel the momentum we are experiencing as a region. Can you?

With your investment in Northeast Indiana, you can play a critical role in the growth and success of our community’s economy. You can be a part of the momentum and enact valuable change to help your business and region succeed. You can have a voice and can help guide decisions and strategies.

How We Put Your Investment to Work

Since NEI started in 2006, a lot has changed. We focused on reversing the downward trend of per capita income in our region. For the first time in 15 years, we have reversed that trend. What does that really mean for our economy?

The plan to build a bigger, bolder, and brighter future is outlined in our business and community-development strategies and the Road to One Million regional economic development plan.

To raise per capita income and attract business and talent, we are building a regional product through Vision 2020 and our other community-development initiatives. Then we are marketing that product internally and externally, and sending our top salespeople out to sell Northeast Indiana nationally and globally.


Every day we are working to increase business investment in Northeast Indiana to make life and business better. How do we do that? We rely on regional collaboration. There’s a place for you to get involved, too.

Investments That Transform Potential into Progress

Over the last five years, through business and community investment and leadership, we have turned the tide of per capita income. Now, with your investment, we can continue to expand and accelerate our efforts and build on the momentum that has been created.

An investment in the Regional Partnership is an investment in your business, too. We will put your money to work as we increase our region’s population, attract a skilled workforce, improve our business climate, and develop a welcoming quality of life.

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