Announcing our 2023 Familiarization (FAM) Tour

We often say Northeast Indiana is best experienced in person. Through NEI’s annual Familiarization Tours (or FAM Tours for short), we’re able to provide such an opportunity for influential site consultants from across the nation.

Site consultants and their companies are responsible for helping corporate clients identify locations and sites that meet their business needs.

NEI Business Development team’s strong and ongoing relationships with site consultants have the potential to yield dividends for Northeast Indiana’s economic growth and healthy business community by attracting new business investments from outside the region.

We invest in these relationships by attending industry-specific conferences – taking NEI to them with our NEI Roadshow series. The strongest impact is hosting events: the Fam Tour in specific. Building these relationships takes time, but we know we’ve succeeded when we get the call: “Hey, NEI, I’ve got a project…”

We are especially excited about next month’s IN The North Fam Tour, which is scheduled for September 15-17. NEI is partnering with Northwest Indiana Forum and South Bend/Elkhart Region to offer a Northern Indiana FAM Tour that stretches from Northwest to Northeast Indiana. Our site consultant guests will explore all three regions of northern Indiana in less than three days.

This Fam Tour will provide consultants the chance to experience the diverse economic opportunities, infrastructure and quality of life that our regions have to offer. It is our mission to provide them with an immersive and insightful journey, allowing them to gain firsthand knowledge of the advantages and assets available in the Northern part of the state.  We set our goal to have eight consultants participate and currently have one spot remaining.

Overall, this uniquely collaborative FAM Tour has piqued the interest of the Site Consultant community and will inevitably pay dividends for NEI. And we know FAM tours like this cannot happen without the support and sponsorship of our Utility partners.  Thank you, Wabash Valley Power, AEP, NIPSCO and Duke Energy!

We look forward to providing you an update soon!

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