Announcing the 2024 Pioneer Event!

This year we will be hosting our 2nd annual Pioneer Event at Electric Works! 


Last year’s event was a huge success with Ariana McGee, founder and CEO of Navigate Maternity, taking home the Pioneer Award for her groundbreaking work in medtech. This sparked other opportunities for her and her company, and she helped us reach out to this year’s nominees.


The event also served as the launch for the Pioneer Starts Here platform, which focuses on telling the authentic stories of market leading pioneers from our region, demonstrating to the world that Northeast Indiana is a tremendous place to live, work, play and serve.


This year’s event will be at Electric Works again at the Forum. The major change will be that this year we will be presenting four awards, including three category winners – Brand Champion, Entrepreneur and Social Impact – and the grand winner, the 2024 Pioneer of the Year. The overall winner will be selected from the three category winners with live voting selecting the winner during the event.


We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

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