Coming Home to Indiana: California-Based Companies Expand in NEI


We’re excited to announce two companies based in California have decided to expand their business in Northeast Indiana as both of their leaders wanted to return home. 


All Better Together, a healthcare provider specializing in autism-based therapies, and Popsalot, a gourmet popcorn manufacturer, are both expanding their operations to our region. All Better Together is setting up shop in Allen County and is expected to create 10 new jobs, while Popsalot is expanding into LaGrange County and is estimated to create 20 new jobs.


The service All Better Together provides is different from the traditional therapy services where the therapist goes to the home of the client. They actually go to the client, whether it be in their home or school. They feel this provides a personalized service and gives the client the best support possible.


All Better Together will start its operation in Allen County with the strategy of serving the surrounding rural communities.


NEI was able to help make a lot of connections for All Better Together to help make their expansion into the region seamless.


“It’s been great, whether it’s market research, someone I’d like to connect with or a particular industry, I’ve got an introduction with someone who’s in that space because of NEI,” – Tony Alberding, Owner and Executive Director of All Better Together.


More than (Pop)corn in Indiana

From starting its business in an apartment to a full-fledge operation, Popsalot has decided to expand to NEI.


The gourmet popcorn company creates international flavor inspirations on a traditional American snack. They sell their product domestically and internationally in grocery stores, convenience stores, department stores, big box stores, hotels, casinos and mom-and-pop shops.


The founder and owner of Popsalot grew up in Fort Wayne and the convenience of access to interstates and highways allows their product to be shipped cost-effectively as I-69, Interstates 70, 65 and 74 are all within two hours.


“It’s been great that everybody that I’ve dealt with has been very helpful. It’s been very informative. We were able to get access to some grant programs and tax abatements, as well what we’re looking to take advantage of.” – Noah Sheray, President of Popsalot.

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