Introducing the NEI Pioneer Podcast!

It’s no longer coming soon. It’s here. The NEI Pioneer Podcast.


We’ve spent the last year brainstorming, strategizing and spending way too many hours in conference rooms. Now, it’s time to pull the curtain on this new show!


“As you may know, we recently completed our rebrand and repositioning with the Pioneer Starts Here platform. A big component of this initiative is the NEI Pioneer Podcast. We hope you enjoy this video-based podcast, which provides a virtual stage for some of the outstanding pioneers from our 11-county region. Please tune in, share and subscribe to the best stories of purpose and perseverance from Northeast Indiana!” Jonathan Sackett, Head of MarCom, said.


Our region has a rich history and is a treasure trove of stories. We plan to highlight and share the stories of resilience and perseverance.


The hosts will be a rotating cast who each specialize in different topics, including entrepreneurship, the history of our region, what we do here at NEI and much more. The hosts are Sackett, Ryan Twiss, Callie Herring, Hannah Hanagan and Brice Vance.


Our show debuts today with THREE episodes! The premiere episode is with James Khan, President and Owner of ObiCai Restaurant Group. The next two episodes feature NEI President and CEO Stéphane Frijia and Steuben County LEDO Isaac Lee.


Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Additionally, follow us on InstagramXFacebook and LinkedIn.


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