Reflecting on IN the North 2023

In a tour that spanned less than three days, six site consultants embarked on an memorable journey through the northern part of Indiana. Partnering with the Northwest Indiana Forum and the South Bend/Elkhart Region, Northeast Indiana (NEI) set out to showcase the diverse and exciting opportunities that await businesses in this often underestimated part of Indiana.  The site consultants came to Indiana from Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, South Carolina, Arizona, and Ohio.

The tour was not just about business; it was about a collection of unique experiences to highlight the cultural, scenic, and economic opportunities that our respective communities have to offer.

The tour began with a sunset dinner overlooking the Lake Michigan, with the Chicago skyline in view, setting the stage for what lay ahead. The following day, the consultants were treated to a tour of the iconic Notre Dame campus, where they were able to take in a Notre Dame football game, checking off a bucket list item for any sports fan.  The tour concluded with breakfast and a tour at Electric Works, an innovative mix use space that epitomizes the spirit of reinvention and transformation. This visit underscored the region’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation as well as community public/private partnerships to drive future economic growth.

Throughout the journey, the consultants came face to face with the heart and soul of Northern Indiana—a region that defies stereotypes and proves that it’s much more than a “fly-over state.” They discovered a thriving business ecosystem, scenic landscapes, and a genuine warmth and hospitality. “It was great to see the collaboration among the regional economic development organizations for the IN the North Fam Tour.  The event provided a thoughtful balance between showcasing development opportunities, quality of life amenities and participation in unique local experiences.  The economic development staff on the Fam Tour were not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, but also personable and appreciative of the site consultants’ time and interest in learning more about Northern Indiana.” – Jason Hamman, Hamman Consulting Group

This Familiarization Tour served as a testament to the power of collaboration, uniting the resources and expertise of multiple regions to shine a spotlight on the untapped potential of Northern Indiana. As these site consultants return to their respective roles, they carry with them an appreciation for the opportunities that await their clients in the heartland.  “The best part of the visit for me was establishing and reinforcing a ‘sense of place’ in all communities we spent time in.  I have been on way too many visits that lose time focusing on visiting available industrial buildings or in too much of a hurry to really absorb anything.  This was unique and I say that as a strong compliment.” – Bob Westover, Colliers

The FAM tour’s success was made possible through the invaluable financial and active support generously provided by AEP, NIPSCO, Wabash Valley Power, and Duke Energy.
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