Northeast Indiana Cities Ranked as Top-Performing Micropolitans

Communities Ranked by Corporate Facility Investment

Annually, Site Selection Magazine ranks the nation’s top mircopolitans, and Northeast Indiana communities consistently rank in the top 100 list. With a total of nine corporate facility investment projects in 2021, Auburn landed itself as No. 5 on Site Selection Magazine’s list of the top mircopolitans for the second year in a row.

Auburn wasn’t the only Northeast Indiana community ranked on this prestigious list. Also ranked in the top 100 list of mircopolitans in the country were Angola tied for at No. 10 with 7 projects, Huntington and Kendaville tied at No. 39 with 3 projects and Warsaw rounding out the list tied for No. 69 with 2 projects.

Corporate facility investment was the primary factor in Site Selection Magazine’s list of the top micropolitians. The U.S. includes 543 micropolitians, illustrating the economic powerhouses found in America’s small towns.


Top Cities

  • #5 Auburn (9 projects)
  • #10 Angola (7 projects)
  • #39 Huntington & Kendalville (3 projects)
  • #69 Warsaw (2 projects)

Top States

  • Ohio (100 projects)
  • Indiana (38 projects)
  • Georgia (25 projects) & North Carolina (36 projects)


To learn more about this annual ranking, please visit the Site Selection Magazine website.

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Image source: Site Selection Magazine

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