Welcome to the crossroads of America. In Northeast Indiana you’ll find what it truly means to be American. Our centralized location and competitive network of infrastructure, transportation, and utilities will save your business time and money. 


Transportation infrastructure in Northeast Indiana keeps your business connected. 


Northeast Indiana’s businesses are served by an integrated system of railroads. Two Class I freight railroads, CSX and Norfolk Southern, and two Class II freight railroads, Rail America and Indiana Northeastern Railroad, serve our region’s businesses.


One hundred miles east of Fort Wayne is the Lake Erie Port of Toledo, Ohio. This multimodal transportation hub is well-positioned as an inland distribution point for North American commerce. The three Ports of Indiana also support our region. They are:


Northeast Indiana’s air service through the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority welcomes more than 700,000 passengers each year and provides business greater access to national and global markets. FWA has many nonstop flights to cities around the country, including Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Philadelphia. In 2016, FWA opened the Fort Wayne Aero Center, Northeast Indiana’s premier full-service fixed-base operator for business and leisure traveling. Our region also features six regional airports in our rural counties. Then, in 2020, FWA announced the expansion of the terminal. 


Northeast Indiana serves as a strategic distribution hub for businesses targeting the Great Lakes and Midwest. We are located only two hours from Indianapolis and three hours from Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio. Businesses in the Fort Wayne region have access to seven U.S. highways and more than 20 state roads that stretch throughout Northeast Indiana. In just a one-day drive by truck, you can access more than 40 percent of the U.S. population and over one-fifth of the Canadian population.


Northeast Indiana provides a dependable, business-friendly infrastructure, and that extends to our utility providers. With municipal, co-op, and private utility companies, our region provides businesses with options. 


The region’s largest municipal water system, Fort Wayne City Utilities, has an excess water capacity of more than 35 million gallons per day. Our excess water supply is a competitive advantage that fuels our growing target industries, such as food processing and agriculture.


The region is served by two of the nation’s largest electrical service providers, Indiana Michigan Power (AEP) and Duke Energy.

There are also many regional member-owned, member-controlled nonprofit electric distribution utility service providers in Northeast Indiana. 

Natural Gas

The Fort Wayne area is served by two companies: the Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) and Vectren. Offering dependable and reliable services, both of these providers serve large portions of Indiana, offer highly competitive rates, and can easily meet the demands of new industry.

Communications/Broadband Access

Access to broadband supports the economy, attracts new business, and allows Northeast Indiana to be globally competitive. While our infrastructure is built to see your business succeed, it also improves the quality of life for all thanks to increased communication and learning opportunities.

Place your business in Northeast Indiana to reach your market faster and with less cost. If you’re ready to consider doing business in our region, be sure to learn more about how you benefit from doing business here.

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