Northeast Indiana has a dependable, business-friendly infrastructure, and that extends to our utility providers. With municipal, co-op, and private utility companies, our region has options. 


The region is served by two of the nation’s largest electrical service providers, Indiana Michigan Power (AEP) and Duke Energy

There are also many regional member-owned, member-controlled nonprofit electric distribution utility service providers in Northeast Indiana. 


The Fort Wayne area has a plentiful water supply that supports our large number of industrial businesses and caters to the specific needs of the food-processing and beverage industry. The region’s largest municipal water system, Fort Wayne City Utilities, has an excess water capacity of more than 35 million gallons per day. Our excess water supply is a competitive advantage that fuels our growing target industries, such as food processing and agriculture.

Our region's infrastructure is built to see your business succeed.

Natural Gas

The Fort Wayne area is served by two companies: the Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) and Vectren. Offering dependable and reliable services, both of these providers serve large portions of Indiana, offer highly competitive rates, and can easily meet the demands of new industry.

Communication, Gigabit Internet and Broadband

Access to broadband supports the economy and allows Northeast Indiana to be globally competitive. While our infrastructure is built to see your business succeed, it also improves the quality of life for all thanks to increased communication and learning opportunities.

Here are some highlights of our developed broadband infrastructure:

  • Frontier’s Downtown Fort Wayne Hot Zone is the fastest open mesh network in Fort Wayne and covers Freimann Square and Indiana Michigan Power Center, popular downtown gathering locations that feature a variety of popular downtown events throughout the year.
  • Verizon invested more than $100 million in fiber-to-the-home, making Fort Wayne one of the first Midwest cities to have city-wide fiber-optic broadband services (FiOS). This resulted in improved economic development and quality of government and healthcare services, all while reducing municipal budgets. The City of Fort Wayne has also partnered with community leaders to offer innovative city services and generate new businesses within the city. These include:
    • Public computer labs where senior citizens learn internet skills, which they in turn use to help mentor seventh and eighth grade students in the state’s 21st Century Scholars Program.
    • Establishing video-relay services for the deaf and hearing-impaired community
    • Creating real-time diagnosis for diabetic patients in remote clinics via webnet cameras
  • Metronet provides cutting-edge fiber-optic communication services, including high-speed Fiber Internet, full-featured Fiber Phone, and Fiber IPTV to communities in Huntington, North Manchester, and Wabash. Wabash County also incentivized the construction of a 100 percent fiber-optic network using $100,000 in county economic development income tax (CREDIT) revenue as seed money.
  • Auburn Essential Services (AES) in Auburn was born out of the desire to fulfill the needs of one business; it quickly grew into a valuable community asset for businesses and residents alike. In recent years, AES has expanded its service area to several residential neighborhoods, giving Auburn residents an option that is not only fast and reliable but is also best in class when it comes to Internet, voice, and television services

Want to learn more? View a map of Indiana's broadband network

Average Industrial Rate (Cost/KWH)

Source: US Energy Information Administration, 2019

Place your business in Northeast Indiana to reach your market faster and with less cost. If you’re ready to consider doing business in our region, be sure to learn more about how you benefit from doing business here.

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