Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership Unveils Rolling 3-Year Strategic Plan: The plan presents forward-looking strategies for positioning the 11-county region as the location of choice for all businesses and people determined to be tomorrow’s market leaders.


Northeast Indiana has been at the forefront of vehicle manufacturing for more than a century—a testament to the region’s ample resources, steady technical-talent pipeline and friendly business climate. Indiana is the No. 2 state in the U.S. for automotive production and produces 1.3 million trucks and cars each year, with a total manufacturing output of approximately $102 billion. The automotive manufacturing infrastructure in Northeast Indiana is unbeatable with 21 Tier 1 suppliers offering diverse product lines. Household names that have found success in the region include General Motors (which invested more than $23 billion in Northeast Indiana over the past decade), and Dana Corp., the global leader in drivetrain and e-propulsion systems. 

With more than 200,000 top-tier university graduates within 200 miles and the FWCS Career Academy in Northeast Indiana (including 17 high schools with career and technical programs), businesses in the region have no shortage of options when sourcing talent for their teams. It’s no secret that automotive legacies are made in Northeast Indiana; in fact, some of the first cars and trucks came out of the region, such as the Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg. 

Join today’s leading employers in the vehicle industry and make history in Northeast Indiana.  

Top Facts about the Vehicle Industry in Northeast Indiana

  1. Indiana is the #2 state in the U.S. for automotive production.
  2. Nearly 80% of recreational vehicles in the U.S. are made in Northern Indiana, fueled by companies such as THOR, Forest River and REV Group.
  3. Indiana ranks 3rd nationally for the percent of gross regional product attributed to motor vehicle manufacturing.
  4. Indiana produces 1.3 million cars and trucks each year, with a total value of approximately $102 billion.
  5. Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne continue to have a very high concentration of vehicle manufacturing, making up more than 21% of manufacturing employment in the region compared to 13% for the nation.

Vehicle Industry Talent

  1. More than 28,000 people work in the Northeast Indiana vehicle industry.
  2. Northeast Indiana boasts many career academies including Heartland Career Center and Fort Wayne Community Schools Career Academy.
  3. Northeast Indiana is known for its top engineering programs at Purdue University Fort Wayne and Trine University.

Business Climate

  • Indiana was the first state in the Great Lakes region to establish right-to-work laws.
  • Northeast Indiana provides a flat topography, offers competitive utility rates and is within a three-hour drive of Detroit.

Investments in the Vehicle Industry

  • Inteva Products, a Troy, Michigan-based automotive supplier, announced a $42 million expansion into Northeast Indiana in 2020.
  • General Motors has invested over $23 billion in Northeast Indiana over the last decade
"“Bluffton, Indiana, met all our requirements to support our complex manufacturing needs, increase our presence in the Midwest and align with General Motors’ preference to have their supply base close to their facilities. The Mayor’s office and the chamber were really helpful in any way they could support us. It’s great to have that personal relationship in a small community.” - Mark Ellerbrock, Plant Manager at Inteva Products.

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Source: Emsi 2021

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