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Business Climate

Northeast Indiana is an ambitious and driven region, remarkably strong in our determination to compete for top billing and top businesses. Hard work, innovative craftsmanship, and a “don’t quit” mentality are the foundation for a unique business climate that’s not only competitive but is also welcoming and inviting. From a business-friendly tax climate to low labor and operating costs to support for small businesses and entrepreneurs, we make doing business easier. 

Doing business is just better in Northeast Indiana.

Take Our Word for It—and Theirs

  • Indiana is frequently recognized as having one of the most business-friendly tax climates in the country. In 2011, Indiana passed legislation to lower its corporate income tax rate by 2 percent.
  • Our region currently ranks eighth in best tax environments in the United States and the best in the Midwest based on the 2016 State Tax Environment Index by the Tax Foundation. This business-friendly tax climate creates a thriving community for innovative businesses and growth.
  • In Indiana we take creating an environment that’s good for business seriously. Due to legislation in 2011, Indiana’s corporate income tax rate fell by 2 percent. This was the continuation of a scheduled multiyear reduction, which will ultimately see the corporate income tax rate reduced to 4.9 percent by 2022, which would make Indiana’s the second lowest corporate tax rate of any state levying the tax.
  • In 2012, Indiana became the first state in more than a decade to pass right-to-work laws, which prohibit agreements between labor unions and employers that make membership or payment of union dues or fees a condition of employment.
  • We support a shared vision of growth for local entrepreneurs and small businesses. In Northeast Indiana small-business owners can find dependable and collaborative support through a variety of regional small-business resources.
  • The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, for example, has helped raise $760,000 to establish Elevate Ventures.

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