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Northeast Indiana is an ambitious and driven region. We are remarkably strong in our determination to turn ideas into opportunities and innovations. Our industry leaders at BAE Systems, Raytheon, Riverside Manufacturing and Harris Corporation bring in millions of dollars every year, employ thousands of specialized personnel, and develop products that change our world. It’s an exciting time for this industry, and Fort Wayne is an exciting place to be.

For over a century, Northeast Indiana has been a pivotal player in the nation’s military R&D and production, as the region is home to divisions of some of the world’s largest defense contractors. Northeast Indiana has a definite “it” factor— a strong workforce, first-rate academic base, robust business climate and excellent infrastructure, as well as enthusiastic support from industry groups, economic developers and political officials.

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“Every second, somewhere in the world, an aircraft lands or takes off with control systems made or maintained in Fort Wayne, Indiana.” — Bob Hoffman, director of operations, commercial aircraft solutions, electronic systems, BAE Systems.

Creativity Drives Innovation in Communication

From the very beginning, defense industry leaders in Northeast Indiana have been creative problem solvers. Drawing on our economic transformation following World War II, Northeast Indiana became a region inventing and producing innovative military communications and other strategic equipment. Today, we lead the Midwest in a renaissance of software-driven, high-end command-and-control communication. Standing shoulder to shoulder with other commercial defense regions in the state, the existing diversity of current operations defines a growing sector of defense-complementary companies that can support a sustained major growth initiative.

Our contractors work across a variety of defense-related disciplines to produce innovative devices that serve our nation and our troops, both on the ground and in the air. Simply ingenious advancements have originated right here in the region. The Fort Wayne–area defense industry continues to produce innovative products. These include the following:

  • Aircraft electronics
  • Aerospace materials
  • Wireless networking systems
  • Armored-vehicle components
  • Logistical solutions
  • Battlefield software
  • High-tech communications research and development
  • Sonobuoys 

Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association (NIDIA) 

In Northeast Indiana we work together for the betterment of the whole. To strengthen the defense sector, local defense companies have banded together to form the Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association (NIDIA). NIDIA works to achieve collective success for Northeast Indiana’s defense cluster in a variety of ways:

  • Helping to develop and improve the local defense community’s ability to develop, attract, and retain the required talent
  • Fostering the increased and improved interaction between the defense industry and suppliers from the region
  • Advocating on the behalf of Northeast Indiana’s defense industry
  • Acting as the liaison with the government at all levels to advance defense industry opportunities in the region
Defense - Employment and Wages

Source: EMSI 2015.3 Class of Worker, QCEW

Defense - Major Employers

Source: Community Research Institute at IPFW

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