To build an even stronger community tied toward a shared vision of growth, Northeast Indiana continues to train and develop our growing workforce through partnerships with regional leaders. Our regional workforce development programs offer on-the-job skills training, trade certifications, job-matching programs, and more to ensure that our businesses have the skilled employees they need to succeed.  

By partnering with Northeast Indiana Works, we are investing in our region’s talent today.

Resources Available to Your Workforce

What assets are available in the Fort Wayne area for businesses and individuals? Here's a list:

  • Northeast Indiana Works is the region’s nonprofit workforce development organization that provides public and private financial and employment resources for education and skills training to meet the needs of regional industries.
  • WorkOne Career Centers provide job leads that match people’s skill sets. They also help people identify careers that best align with their interests and aptitudes.
  • Steuben County Economic Development Corporation is transforming a vacant industrial complex on the south side of Angola into an Enterprise Center offering co-working space, a traditional business incubator, and technical training resources for welding, CNC machining, electrical, and industrial maintenance.
  • A private, nonprofit adult continuing educational organization, the Freedom Academy believes that education is the key to economic freedom by providing high-quality, cost-effective education. On-site classes provide customized training tailored to meet the needs of individual business, industry, banks, hospitals government, and non-profit organization throughout Northeast Indiana.

Talent-Development Opportunities

Northeast Indiana Works, through WorkOne Northeast, offers a variety of programs to assist business owners searching for employees and talent.

WorkOne Northeast provides businesses with job leads that match specific qualifications too. To help with job searches, WorkOne Northeast gives prospective employees access to computers, the internet, fax machines, and printing so they can find a job in our region.

WorkOne also provides free training programs to help your employees grow. These programs further develop your employees’ talents to move them forward in their careers, help fill higher-level positions, and encourage a new entry-level workforce.

In Northeast Indiana, we not only offer affordable labor and operating costs, but we also have a welcoming business climate. If you’re ready to be a part of our region’s growth and success, contact our offices or stop by for a visit.

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