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Noble County | Albion

Meet the Artist | Tobias Studios

Hometown | Fort Wayne, IN

Location | 122 N. Orange St., Albion, IN 46701

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Get to Know Noble County

Noble County is deeply rooted in family and community. Members of the communities in Noble County gather around festivals that highlight the rich history and industrial roots of the area. Residents enjoy Noble County's quiet open spaces with close proximity to larger cities and other community assets and resources. People describe the community as "caring" and note an exceptional library system, churches and endless options for outdoor activities. From the affordable cost of living to high-quality schools, Noble County has the quality of life amenities that citizens and visitors appreciate. 

Noble County was once inhabited by Miami and Pottawatomie Indians. The county, organized in 1836 and names for two-term U.S. Senator James Noble, covers 420 square miles. Over 47,000 people live across Noble County and the dense populations are found in historic settlements, villages and five incorporated communities—the largest in Kendallville.

Wolf Lake became Noble County's first settlement in 1832. By the 1900's, Wolf Lake was surrounded by onion fields and called itself "the Onion Capital of the World". The first Onion Days Festival was held there in 1906 and is held annually today.

The earliest Noble County residents were drawn here by rich soil, ideal for farming. Many families have lived in Noble County for generations and farming remains an important part of the area's heritage and economy. In 2019, Noble County ranked top in the region for the number of l,000-acre farms still in operation. Noble County prides itself in being a family-friendly place. If you ask any Noble County native, they will tell you their family heritage that is tied to each community in the county. When out walking on the trails, enjoying the attractions, or dining at a local restaurant, residents and guests will often meet multi-generational families enjoying quality time together.

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