Wabash County

Eel River in Wabash
Remix 1

Muralist in Wabash County

Wabash County | North Manchester

Meet the Artist | Claudio “Remix 1” Rico

Hometown | Mexico City

Location | 214 E. Main St., North Manchester, IN 46962

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Get to Know Wabash County

Wabash County, Indiana is located in the Hoosier Heartland. An innovative network of state and interstate highways, railroads, and airports connect the community to the rest of the world. Wabash County’s cities and towns offer a quality of life with amenities that rival many larger, more crowded cities, with the added bonus of maintaining those small-town values of helping thy neighbor and welcoming everyone into the Wabash County community. The downtown areas are alive and thriving with retail, dining and other businesses. There's also access to outstanding healthcare and recreational opportunities to promote wellness in and out of the workplace. With graduation rates of over 93%, the schools are among the best in the state, too. 

The area was first populated by Miami and Potawatomi Native Americans. The name Wabash is derived from the Indian name meaning “water over white stone.” Much of the Wabash River bottom is white limestone. Wabash County was originally formed Jan. 1820 out of the 1818 New Purchase resulting from the Treaty of St. Mary's. Wabash County was the Wabash River drainage area. Numerous counties were carved out of the Wabash New Purchase. Wabash County as it exists today was organized out of a remnant portion of the original county in 1835. New farmland and the construction of the Wabash and Erie Canal brought many people to the region in the mid-1830s. 

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Make It Your Own Mural Fest worked with 11 muralists from around the country to install murals in Northeast Indiana's 11 counties. Want to learn more about the Mural Fest artists?

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