Wells County

Bluffton Street Fair
David Rice

Muralist in Wells County

Wells County | Bluffton

Meet the Artist | David Rice

Hometown | Portland, OR

Location | 122 W. Market St., Bluffton, IN 46714

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Get to Know Wells County

Bluffton, the county seat of Wells County, enjoys the distinction of having been designated many years ago as the “Parlor City of Indiana”. This fitting name has endured for the last 40 years and no other city of the state has ever attempted to dispute Bluffton’s right to the title. The city well merits the reputation of being the most beautiful and well-kept city of the Hoosier state.

It is picturesquely situated on the south bank of the far-famed Wabash River, crowning high bluffs from which it derives its name and which gives it a commanding view of the surrounding country.

It is a veritable paradise, combining health, wealth, beauty, comforts and pleasures, and with its miles of finely-paved streets, handsome public buildings, many beautiful and modern residences, broad and well-kept lawns, hundreds of stately shade trees, modern disposal plant, and perfect model of cleanliness and health, the city is indeed a place of beauty and attractiveness which have won renown as the “parlor city” of the entire state.

The appellation of “Parlor City of Indiana” is traced back to the beginning of the century, possibly two years earlier, following completion of the first big contracts for street paving with modern hard surface material. A visitor to the city first applied the name.

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