Outdoor Adventures

Welcome to Northeast Indiana, where our tenacious spirit and appetite for adventure connect us with nature and fill our region with unique attractions and great getaways. 

It’s time for you to choose your own adventure, and that adventure is right here in Northeast Indiana.

What opportunities are at your doorsteps in the region? Here’s a short list of ways you can enjoy our natural wonders. 

Eleven Ways to Enjoy Northeast Indiana’s Outdoors

1. Reap the benefits of lakeside living.

Northeast Indiana’s lakes are unlike any in the country. Come find out for yourself! Throughout our 11-county region you’ll find crystal-clear glacial lakes with sandy beaches. You can have the best of both words: a condo in the city and a cottage on the lake, but you don’t need to own a lake house to relax on any of Northeast Indiana’s hundreds of lakes. Our lakes are publicly accessible for adventures and family outings alike. Whether you want to ride the waves wakeboarding or host a simple lakeside picnic with the family, our region’s lakeside adventures await.

2. Walk. Run. Bike. Commute. You can do it all on the trails.

Getting around is easy in Northeast Indiana, thanks to more than 100 miles of trails traversing the region. Our interconnected trails follow rivers, intersect parks, and lead right up to the edge of a lake. Wherever you need to go in Northeast Indiana, the trails can get you there.

3. A park that fits your lifestyle.

City parks. County parks. State parks. We have a park that’s perfect for you. Our city parks are filled with walking paths and downtown skyline views. Our country parks are nestled near quaint lakes and flowing creeks. But the state parks are where you’ll really enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Whether you are camping or looking for a cozy room at the park inn, you’ll find the perfect spot in  our Northeast Indiana parks. We love our parks—and you will, too!  

4. Rivers flow through our downtown, connecting communities.

Located at the confluence of three rivers, Fort Wayne’s scenic downtown and vast connected riverways provide the perfect recreation. With plans that include natural wetlands that allow you to reconnect with nature, an activity park that encourages people of any age to play, and a promenade that welcomes you to stroll and enjoy shopping and dining along the river, the vision for the riverfront is bigger and bolder than ever. Are you ready to join us on the river?

5. Yeah, we paddle, but you’ll like our easy pace.

We paddle rivers, lakes, and reservoirs at an easy pace all over Northeast Indiana. Whether you have your own gear or you're looking for a rental, there’s always somewhere new to explore and our Hoosier hospitality to help you along the way. You can enjoy kayaking and canoeing on the multitude of lakes and streams and visit attractions along the way. Stop for a drink. Have dinner. You can do it all on the waterways.

6. We don’t need mountains to go mountain biking.

Travel to any number of our 11 counties in Northeast Indiana, and you’ll find a mountain-biking trail to quench your thirst for adventure. In Indiana, we do not need mountains to create a trail that takes your breath away, makes you break a sweat, or has you gripping the handlebars even tighter. We have all that here. If you are seeking adventure, join us, and let’s have one together.

7. Ready to experience a 30-second thrill ride?

A Northeast Indiana tradition sees thousands flocking to Steuben County for summer on the lake, but when winter arrives there’s another tradition—Pokagon State Park’s refrigerated Toboggan Run. The run features a 30-foot tower, exciting dips and valleys, and a total vertical drop of 90 feet over the course of a quarter mile. The top recorded speed was clocked at 42 mph, and you could  fly just as fast. After a long day of thrills, be sure to relax by a crackling fire during your stay at the park’s Potawatomi Inn Resort and Conference Center.

8. We embrace winter, and you will too.

In Northeast Indiana, we get active in the winter. The crisp air is refreshing, and when the fluffy snow blankets the ground, it’s the perfect time to play. Throughout the 11-county region, we have opportunities to explore winter’s natural wonders with snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or quiet winter hikes. It’s really a magical time of year. Come feel it for yourself.

9. You can become a master of nature, and you can school your friends.

If you love to learn and have a passion for the outdoors, our regional educational programs can benefit you. Through the Purdue University county extension offices and in conjunction with our county park system, you can become a master gardener or a master naturalist. The intensive training in this education and volunteer program teaches everything from gardening principles to wetlands protection.

10. Find your muse just like famous author and naturalist Gene Stratton-Porter.

The Cabin at Wildflower Woods lies nestled on the shore of Sylvan Lake, near Rome City, in Noble County. It is the beloved home and final resting place of Gene Stratton-Porter, one of Indiana’s most popular authors and one of the world’s first nature photographers and conservationists. With its wondrous wildflowers and cooing birds, the Gene Stratton-Porter home is the muse for many nature lovers, authors, and artists.

11. Camp in style. Camp your style.

Youth camp for the kids. RV parks for the retired. Equestrian camps for the animal lovers. Backwoods campgrounds for the experts. And even cabins and inns for the newbies. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and connect with nature, camping in Northeast Indiana is the way to go. From private campgrounds to state parks with lots on the lakes or rivers, camping here is convenient, affordable, and not too crowded compared to camping spots in other parts of the country. See you at the campground!