We take risks. We compete. We are in it to win it, and we know you are too. If you’re competitive or just looking for a fun and affordable family-friendly outing, Northeast Indiana’s sports and recreation offerings are here to fill your days with adventure.

Here’s a short list of ways we enjoy our sports in Northeast Indiana:

Eleven Ways We Enjoy Sports in Northeast Indiana

1. You can relax at one of the best minor-league-baseball parks in the nation.

Home to the Fort Wayne TinCapsParkview Field in downtown Fort Wayne is regularly ranked as one of the best minor-league-baseball parks in the nation. It’s not only a place where you can buy a $1 beer on Thursdays, but it’s also a family-friendly baseball stadium with a rock-climbing wall and plenty of chances to get the kids’ picture taken with Johnny, the team’s mascot.

2. We take our hockey seriously.

If you hear “Welcome to the Jungle” echoing from the Memorial Coliseumthe Komets, Fort Wayne’s hockey team since 1952, are on the ice, and they’re probably winning, too. Three years in a row the Komets won the Turner Cup, and each season their fans expect no less. Komets fans are dedicated. On any given night from October to April, the Komets play in front of more than 7,000 people.

3. There are ants on the basketball court!

If you see a buff 6-foot blue ant sporting a basketball jersey with “Mad Ants” on the front, you’ve just met the Fort Wayne’s basketball team mascot, the Mad AntThe Mad Ants, an NBA Development League owned by the Indiana Pacers, is a team of up-and-coming NBA hopefuls. Tickets are affordable, and a game is the perfect outing for the whole family.

4. Sports are a part of our history.

Since the beginning, we’ve been a community of risk takers. This innovation-focused mentality has led to some major influences in sports history. It all started on June 2, 1883, when Fort Wayne hosted the Quincy Professionals in one of the first lighted baseball games ever played. But our love for invention and baseball didn’t stop there. We made history again when the all-star pitcher for the Fort Wayne Daisies, Dottie Collins, inspired the cult-classic baseball movie A League of their Own.

5. We have a spot for you on the team.

Everyone has a place to play in Northeast Indiana, thanks to Turnstone. Turnstone is the only not-for-profit organization in Northeast Indiana that provides supportive services that address the unique needs of people with physical disabilities and that meet family members’ needs. Turnstone is one of the three largest U.S. Paralympic sport clubs in the country, and it is regularly awarded for its programming, too.

6. Cheer for your alma mater, and we’ll see you in the stands.

College sports are in our blood—after all, we are famous, thanks to the movie Rudy. From Indiana University basketball to Notre Dame football, we’re in the stands cheering. Purdue University Fort Wayne is our largest university, and it has NCAA Division I teams. You’ll also see us cheering for Trine University and Manchester University, both Division III schools. Other regional universities, such as Huntington UniversityIndiana Tech, and the University of Saint Francis, play in the NAIA.

7. Grab your running shoes for one of the biggest races in the Midwest.

Since its inception in 2008, Fort4Fitness has seen thousands of people cross the finish line, running or walking a total of more than 400,000 miles. Are you ready to be one of them? Fort4Fitness started a revolution in Northeast Indiana, encouraging people to live active, healthy lifestyles. The annual fall event features a marathon, a half-marathon, a 10K, a 4-mile walk/run, a kids marathon, a seniors marathon, and a cycling race and tour. Each year, there are new participants, new inspirational stories, and new adventures.

8. See you on the back nine!

PGA golf courses—that’s really all you need to know about golfing in Northeast Indiana. From rolling country hills to majestic lakeside views, our spectacular golf courses offer challenging designs and clubhouse perks. Located in the northeast corner of the region, the Angola and Fremont areas boast six beautiful golf courses offering a variety of play. There’s also the award-winning Sycamore Hills Golf Club, designed by Jack Nicklaus.

9. Competitive? Bring your A game. It’s time for intramural sports.

Once an athlete, always an athlete, right? Thankfully in Northeast Indiana there are plenty of ways to be competitive. From semipro teams to training camps, classic sports such as football, soccer, and volleyball have a place here. And our intramural teams are always looking for new team members.

10. Sports are more than a game. Let’s get social!

Call it social sports or call it a beer league, no matter the terminology, these leagues’ games are filled with more laughs than scoring. What’s your interest? Dodgeball, cornhole, wiffle ball, Ultimate Frisbee, wallyball, or something else? Don’t worry, we’ve got them all.

11. Youth leagues keep the kids busy too.

In Northeast Indiana, kids have access to top-notch schools with successful sports programs. But if you’re looking for fun outside of school, our youth sports offer affordable and convenient programming to make life easier for parents. Whether you’re a homeschooling family or you’re looking for a new sport for your children to try outside of school, you’ll find lots of opportunities here.

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