Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership Unveils Rolling 3-Year Strategic Plan: The plan presents forward-looking strategies for positioning the 11-county region as the location of choice for all businesses and people determined to be tomorrow’s market leaders.

Cost of Living Calculator

As a region, we like to keep things simple. Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne’s affordable cost of living is just one of the reasons we’re voted one of the best places to live—and to do business. Our easygoing demeanor, reliability, and generosity continue to attract new folks to our Midwestern location

Our region offers you and your family a great quality of life, excellent education options, and more for less. From farmers markets and horses and buggies to high-rise downtown living and the cutting-edge New Tech schools, Northeast Indiana is unlike any other region.

Our easygoing demeanor, reliability, and generosity continue to attract new folks to our Midwestern location.

Discover the advantages of living in Northeast Indiana for yourself by using our cost of living calculator, provided in collaboration with the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness.

To get started, all you have to do is provide your comparative information and click the calculate button. As you scroll down through the helpful information, you’ll quickly see why living in Northeast Indiana makes dollars and sense. 

Look What You Can Afford by Living in Northeast Indiana

Based on Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) data, Fort Wayne, the hub of our region and the second-largest city in Indiana, has ranked below the national average in cost of living for years. Combine this with the low cost of doing business and affordable housing, and you'll see why companies and people want to call Northeast Indiana home.

Cost of Living - Average Housing Costs

Source: 2020 Copyright from the National Association of Realtors®. Reprinted with permission.

Source: CB Richard Ellis, Fort Wayne Rent Survey 2015

If numbers are important to you, let the data tell the story of why living in Northeast Indiana is a good idea. Take a look at our Regional Profile to learn about our low state and local taxes, our demographic and population data, and more.

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