Marketing Our Story

Who are we and where are we going as a region? Those were the questions answered by the Our Story Project. 

The Our Story Project provides a master narrative for Northeast Indiana so you can market the region’s best traits to attract the talent and business you need.

Are you great at telling your organization’s story but need help sharing the many reasons why Northeast Indiana is a great place to live and work? By using wording from the Our Story Project, you can help communicate a consistent national narrative about Northeast Indiana’s first-rate reputation, and make a positive impact on your target audience.

Together, we can market all the best things about Northeast Indiana with one unified, authentic story.

Who can benefit from sharing Northeast Indiana’s story?

  • Local Economic Development Organizations (LEDOs)
  • Convention and visitors bureaus (CVBs)
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Regional businesses
  • Non-profits

856 Voices. One Story. This Is Northeast Indiana.

The Our Story Project, a marketing effort by the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, discovered the unified voice for Northeast Indiana. Through consensus-driven workshops with 856 residents in our member counties and an online version of the workshop, the project focused on defining the human personality of the region and provided guidance on how to communicate that personality authentically.

Download Northeast Indiana’s Story. 

If you’re looking to incorporate Northeast Indiana’s master narrative in your marketing or communications, you’ve come to the right place.

Our master narrative, complete with messaging and examples, is below for download:

Want to become an Our Story Project expert? We offer workshops and training for anyone interested in sharing Northeast Indiana’s story. Sign up here, and we will contact you about our upcoming training opportunities. 

What We Learned. 

  1. The region knows who it is regardless of where its residents live.
  2. The region knows who it's not.
  3. The region wants to be bigger, bolder, and more assertive.
  4. Societal change is needed for a lasting legacy.
  5. The region has a compelling cause.

How Do You Use It? Just Follow the Storylines. 

The Our Story Project defined our personality. What did we learn? Well, we learned exactly what Northeast Indiana is and how we can talk about ourselves as a region. 

After analyzing dozens of key themes, the research condensed our personality into five master storylines. Together, these storylines create a cohesive messaging platform—infused with the region’s authentic personality—to focus the master narrative.

1. Time-Honored American Strength

As a region, we represent the best of what it truly means to be American. Since 1794, when Fort Wayne's fort was officially occupied by the army, our tenacious drive to succeed has been matched only by our unwavering resolve and strength.

2. Spirit of Collaboration

As a region, we know that the contribution of many trumps the success of the individual every time. We value our sense of team and family, and take pride in creating partnerships and uniting for the common good.

3. Progressive Leadership

The pride and confidence we have in our region are rooted in our constant determination and creative ability to adapt. As leaders, we move forward despite opposition, to persevere and advance our community.

4. Uphold and Embrace

We endeavor to progress while respecting our heritage. Likewise, we aspire to leave a legacy for future generations, by strengthening our community through a spirit of inclusiveness.

5. Big-Hearted Hospitality

As a region, our friendliness and hospitality are guiding forces in how visitors perceive us. We welcome visitors with an easygoing smile and a welcoming hand.

Building Northeast Indiana’s Story Together. 

We’re not the only ones benefiting from the Our Story Project. It’s a resource for government agencies, businesses, convention bureaus, residents, and more.  

Want to see our story in action? Take a look at how these organizations are using the Our Story Project message to sell Northeast Indiana’s story and attract new business and talent:

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