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In Kosciusko County, there's a strong, vibrant spirit of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It was this invention-innovation-entrepreneurship that has made Kosciusko County the Orthopedic Capital of the World. Nearly one-third of the $38 billion global orthopedic industry is headquartered in the county. Kosciusko is also home to numerous foreign corporations, and its companies have operations across the globe.

Centrally located in the Midwest, Kosciusko County and the City of Warsaw are linked to an extensive interstate system by four-lane U.S. 30. Its transportation network also includes service by three major railroads. The county is located in a strong agricultural production area, which progressed thanks to state-of-the art advances in farming, ag-processing and ag-equipment industries.

With cost of living is under the national average, Kosciusko County has plenty of attractions to spend time at including two of the finest golf clubs in the Midwest.


Warsaw is located in Northeast Indiana along the historic Lincoln Highway, as well as the intersection of U.S. 30 and State Road 15. Warsaw is the county seat of Kosciusko County, with a population of 14,000. Outdoor adventures and sports are a centerpiece of life in Warsaw. Ride+Walk Warsaw+Winona Lake is a trail that traverses between Warsaw and Winona Lake. The City-County Athletic Complex (CCAC), hosts more than 3,000 softball and soccer games every year, and the Lake City Skiers perform on Hidden Lake throughout the summer season.

Winona Lake

If you’re ready to get your feet wet into life in Kosciusko County, Winona Lake is the place to start. Winona Lake features a beautiful lake for boating and fishing, plus a newly restored historical district with quaint artisan shops and eateries. With lake tourism as its fastest-growing industry, the charming lakeside town also features two museums that focus on the history of the town and the famous baseball player and evangelist, Billy Sunday. The town also features unique architecture, Grace College and Seminary, and a slew of golf courses. Food is also king in Winona Lake. Frequently a stop for agritourism, farm to fork foodies often visit for Cerulean, Eagle Creek Farmers Market, Light Rail Cafe & Coffee Roasters, and other restaurants and eateries. In 2015, Winona Lake open the Limitless Park and Splash Pad, which is a truly inclusive splash pad where children of all abilities gain the important developmental and physical benefits of unstructured play.


Syracuse is a developing and ever-changing community that blends a progressive, diverse economy with country charm and midwestern friendliness. It also a destination for visitors for generations due to the largest natural lake in Indiana, Wawasee, as well as other smaller lakes such as Syracuse Lake. Syracuse is home to a diverse group of industries including boat manufacturing, rubber product manufacturing, circuit board manufacturing, RV manufacturing, plastic production, metal fabrication, horse trailer manufacturing, printing, engine and control research, and development and modular home manufacturing. 

Look at the data and see for yourself. 

Learn more about Kosciusko County by visiting Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation’s website or the visitors bureau’s website.

If you’re looking for life on the lake, it’s not just Kosciusko County you should consider. Most of our 11-member counties feature a slew of lakes that make living and working in Northeast Indiana fun. If you’re considering relocating, contact us and we can find the fit for you, your family and your business .

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