To be a contender in the global marketplace, we need to actively inspire growth and change. How do we do that? We research, learn, and gain inspiration from others.

We know that an expansive regional initiative like Vision 2030 requires a significant amount of research to be successful. This regional and national research helps guide our progress.

Below are the two main categories of research that you can explore.

Regional reports 

Our regional reports help us further understand the competitive position of the region and how to effectively grow our target industries.

National inspiration

Oftentimes in our research, we come across reports from other regions or institutions that are doing work similar to Vision 2030. These national reports offer benchmarks and recommendations that our community and business leaders can benefit from. This library is a compilation of some of the national research that we have found helpful for Vision 2030, and that we’re sure you will find beneficial too. 

We like to learn, and we can see that you do too. If you’re ready to talk business, give us a call today, and let us learn how we can help your business succeed here. 

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