Jacob Ihrie

Director of Regional Initiatives

Jacob joined NEI in May of 2024. His main responsibility is managing programs related to state funded initiatives and other programs. He provides staff support for the Regional Development Authority and Strategic Development Commission, identifies opportunities for the Regional Development Authority to advance its five funding strategies, and translates community and industry trends into strategies that improve the region’s competitive position.

Jacob grew up in Noble County and returned to the region after spending 11 years split between the United States Navy and earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Policy Analysis and Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Jacob has a strong passion for the region and an acute interest in the many wonderful rural communities that exist throughout it.

Jacob’s top five strengths in CliftonStrengths are:

  1. Restorative
  2. Ideation
  3. Futuristic
  4. Individualization
  5. Learner

Did You Know?

  • Jacob was the recipient of the 2021 American Planning Association Outstanding Student Award.
  • He once successfully got up on a surfboard for 10 seconds before wiping out, and never surfed again.
  • Jacob has a fear of frogs.

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