Regional Opportunities Council

As a region, we know the contributions of many lead to collective success for all. We understand that the future of Northeast Indiana is largely influenced by our success and leadership in achieving transformative change throughout the region. That’s exactly what the Regional Opportunities Council (ROC) is all about: collaboration for the common good.

The ROC, the investor board for the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, is made up of more than 130 of our region’s top business leaders who live and work in the 11 counties we represent. These leaders are from all different sectors - business, government, higher-education, K-12 education, foundation, and non-profit.  

The collective growth, success, and momentum occurring in the region could not happen without the ROC.
Fourth-quadrant change

Why does the ROC exist? To advance our community’s regional initiatives through progressive game-changing tactics that make a positive impact on the community’s development. The ROC meets six times a year to drive the Vision 2030 agenda, with a focus on our regional initiatives, including 21st Century Talent, Business Climate, Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure, and Quality of Life. As they support everything from interstate access to improved air service,  ROC members are intensely engaged in economic and community development to enact significant changes in the region. We call these Quadrant 4 changes.

Quadrant 4 change is achieved by pursuing game-changing tactics that are highly desirable, but also highly difficult.  The more challenging and more impactful, the better, and we’re committed to seeing them through to fruition.

By focusing on these progressive and innovative changes, we can identify the most desirable and difficult opportunities for economic and community growth. We’ve used these tactics to add more flights at Fort Wayne International Airport, to streamline business permitting, and to support entrepreneurial programs like the Regional Food Network.

Simply put, the collective growth, success, and momentum occurring within the Fort Wayne area could not happen without the investment and support of the ROC.

Our Principles Lead the Way

For members of the ROC, our guiding principles are what keep the goals and strategies of Vision 2030 on track. By keeping our principles at the forefront of our work, we can feel confident that we are advancing our regional initiatives as they were intended.

Here’s a look at the ROC’s guiding principles:

Clear, Shared Vision

Communicate a long-term vision for the economic growth of Northeast Indiana by:

  • defining the vision inclusively and engaging other key stakeholders in the process;
  • “walking the talk” by clarifying and advancing the vision consistently;
  • sharing the vision for success through our networks whenever possible;
  • illustrating the vision through tangible examples of progress (stories);
  • consistently seeking and sharing feedback from regional stakeholders;
  • connecting short-term milestones to the vision for long-term success; and
  • recognizing and celebrating the intangibles which advance the vision (collaboration, alignment and effort).
Key action: Communicate consistently the vision for success.

Sharing Power And Influence

Convene and collaborate with key leaders and stakeholders to confront the most difficult constraints to the economy of Northeast Indiana. To do this, the ROC will:

  • share credit generously with others;
  • engage others in solving problems;
  • listen to learn from others the diverse perspectives influencing regional challenges;
  • seek regional solutions which advance broad, community interests;
  • build the capacity of the region as a whole to compete in the global marketplace;
  • think cross-generationally to identify, develop, and engage emerging young leaders; and
  • engage and orient new-to-the-region leaders in our work.
Key action: Convene, collaborate, and confront challenges together.

Acting with Integrity and Discipline

Build trust-based relationships by acting with the utmost integrity and discipline. That means we commit to:

  • doing what we say we will do;
  • holding each other accountable to act with honesty and transparency;
  • building relationships based on trust in our individual words and actions;
  • advancing only those opportunities that align with the vision to grow the economy of our regions;
  • sharing as much information as possible with all affected stakeholders (protecting confidentiality); and
  • doing what needs to be done today and preparing for tomorrow.
Key action: Build relationships based on trust.

Are you interested in investing in our economic and community development work? We are positive that your investment will help your business and our region succeed. Contact Director of Stakeholder Development Nick Darrah, and we can discuss why an investment in the Regional Partnership makes good business sense. 

Regional Opportunities Council Members