Business-Level Investors

As a region, Northeast Indiana is a place that inspires people to reach their goals through ingenuity and hard work. By becoming an investor, you can contribute to changing the story of Northeast Indiana and help build a bigger, bolder region. 

Every day, we operate with the understanding that the support of our region’s businesses is critical to growing the Fort Wayne region’s economy.

With more than a decade of regional collaboration under our belt, we have built relationships with many small businesses throughout our 11-county region. Now we would like to connect with you to grow your business and our economy, together.

Investing In The Region

If you are ready to invest in the success of your business, there are many benefits. Business-level investors have the opportunity to:

  • participate in various task forces focused on topics including community development and education;
  • engage in business development opportunities;
  • discuss economic and community development initiatives; and
  • learn about current trends and programs. 

Join us in our pursuit to build, market, and sell Northeast Indiana. To learn more about becoming an investor, contact Director of Stakeholder Development Nick Darrah.