In Northeast Indiana, good is never good enough. We share a passion for defying Midwest trends and breaking new ground. Our business and community leaders say they can feel the momentum we are experiencing as a region. 

Investors Leading the Way

Our investors play a critical role in the transformative growth and success of our region by shaping the economic future of the region. Being an investor in Northeast Indiana means more than making an investment; it means involvement in the community’s development and economic growth. 

Are you ready to join us as we compete in the global marketplace?

We’ve had many successes in Northeast Indiana, including winning $42 million from the State of Indiana in the Regional Cities Initiative and investments in regional priorities like air service and interstate access, thanks to the innovation and support of our investors.

These regional leaders have a strong voice and help guide decisions and strategy for our region. When you invest in Northeast Indiana, you aren’t just making a monetary investment; you’re investing in the betterment of the community.

An Investment That Benefits Your Business

An investment in the Regional Partnership is an investment in your business, too. We will put your money to work as we increase our region’s population, attract a skilled workforce, improve our business climate, and develop a welcoming quality of life. We want to do more, faster. And we need your help.

“Northeast Indiana has made significant progress in the past few years, but we can and must do more. To stay competitive in the global marketplace, Northeast Indiana must be focused on developing and attracting talent and business to our region. We need your help.”  —Scott Glaze, Fort Wayne Metals

Want to learn more about why you should invest? Give us a call today, and let’s figure out how we can work together. You’ll soon learn that it’s a win-win situation.

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