Code of Ethics

How we treat people affects our success. We firmly believe that. So in Northeast Indiana, you’ll find an emphasis on regional collaboration and trust. By adhering to these values, guided by our Code of Ethics, we can provide outstanding business results and grow our region—together. 

The Origin of Our Code of Ethics

The regional collaboration in Northeast Indiana is unprecedented.

We bring together the interests of a broad range of private and public groups to promote Northeast Indiana as a single economic entity. The collaboration of such a variety of groups and interests requires that certain standards of conduct must be developed and adhered to for our region to meet its goals.

Read the Code of Ethics to learn more about the value of trust-based collaboration. 

To succeed together, we must live by a code of trust and respect. This is our Code of Ethics.

The idea for the code came from a trip to Denver, where more than 30 regional leaders witnessed a powerful collaborative culture centered on a Code of Ethics that the Denver Metro region adopted more than 20 years ago. Upon their return, LEDO Council members were inspired to develop a similar code for Northeast Indiana.

In 2011, our Code of Ethics was signed publicly by members of the Regional Partnership’s LEDO Council, Northeast Indiana Works, and the Regional Chamber of Northeast Indiana. Since then, the Mayors and Commissioners Caucus has adopted the Code of Ethics in its founding documents.

These public proclamations demonstrate that we are committed to higher levels of performance and accountability through a culture of trust and respect. That’s just good for business–your business.