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The Caucus

The Mayors and Commissioners Caucus provides our government leaders from all 11 counties with a unified voice to advance economic development policies at the state level. Our government leaders are active participants in the region’s growth and change, and the Caucus is critical to the growth of Northeast Indiana and the success of our businesses’ future.

The Caucus uses consensus-based decision making to reach agreement and relies upon cooperation and collaboration to address the region’s complex issues. To this end, the Caucus provides a forum for the discussion of common issues and multijurisdictional challenges, and serves as a partner and sounding board for leaders from other sectors. 

11 counties with a unified voice to advance economic development policies at the state level.

The Mayors and Commissioners Caucus also works closely with the Northeast Indiana Regional Chamber to discuss the region’s legislative agenda. The group meets regularly to address economic development issues, legislative advocacy, and other matters of common concern within the region. Key focuses include transportation funding, local food and beverage tax ability, and criminal sentencing reform.

The Caucus

  • develops consensus positions on key issues facing the region and advocates for their adoption by other levels of government;
  • monitors policy at the local, regional, state, and federal levels;
  • informs discussions and partners with private, nonprofit, and public sectors to implement change;
  • provides a forum for the resolution of differences among the region’s jurisdictions; and
  • provides opportunities, through dialogue, for enhancing personal relationships and building trust among the region’s municipalities.

Meet the Members

Adams County

  • Doug Bauman | Commissioner 
  • Kim Fruechte | Commissioner
  • Mayor Bill McKean | City of Berne 
  • Mayor Ken Meyer | City of Decatur
  • Rex Moore | Commissioner 

Allen County        

  • Karl Bandemer | City of Fort Wayne 
  • Rich Beck | Commissioner 
  • Therese Brown | Commissioner 
  • Mayor Tom Henry | City of Fort Wayne 
  • Mayor Joe Kelsey | City of Woodburn)
  • Mayor Terry McDonald | City of New Haven 
  • Nelson Peters | Commissioner

DeKalb County

  • Bill Hartman | Commissioner 
  • Don Grogg | Commissioner
  • Mayor Todd Fiandt | City of Garrett 
  • Jackie Rowan | Commissioner
  • Mayor Ron Walter | City of Butler 
  • Mayor Norm Yoder | City of Auburn 

Huntington County

  • Larry Buzzard | Commissioner 
  • Mayor Brooks Fetters | City of Huntington
  • Rob Miller | Commissioner
  • Tom Wall | Commissioner 

Kosciusko County 

  • Bob Conley | Commissioner
  • Brad Jackson | Commissioner 
  • Mayor Joe Thallemer | City of Warsaw 
  • Cary Groninger | Commissioner 

LaGrange County 

  • Terry Martin | Commissioner 
  • Larry Miller | Commissioner 
  • Dennis Kratz | Commissioner 

Noble County

  • Anita Hess | Commissioner 
  • Dave Dolezal | Commissioner 
  • Mayor Patty Fisel | City of Ligonier 
  • Mayor Suzanne Handshoe | City of Kendallville 
  • Gary Leatherman | Commissioner

Steuben County

  • Ron Smith | Commissioner 
  • James Crowl | Commissioner
  • Mayor Dick Hickman | City of Angola
  • Lynne Liechty | Commissioner

Wabash County

  • Barry Eppley | Commissioner
  • Jeff Dawes | Commissioner 
  • Brian Haupert | Commissioner 
  • Mayor Scott Long | City of Wabash 

Wells County

  • Tamara Robbins | Commissioner 
  • Mayor Ted Ellis | City of Bluffton 
  • Blake Gerber | Commissioner
  • Kevin Woodward | Commissioner 

Whitley County

  • Don Amber | Commissioner 
  • Mayor Ryan Daniel | City of Columbia City
  • Tom Western | Commissioner 
  • George Schrumpf | Commissioner

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