Business Attraction

As a region, we are strong because we collaborate well—we cultivate new ideas to spur economic growth. It’s that power of collaboration that fuels Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne’s business attraction strategy.

With the mission to build, market and sell Northeast Indiana to increase business investment, we know we cannot do this alone.

Northeast Indiana relies on dependable and creative industry leaders, business decision-makers and community pioneers to help us build a competitive region and fulfill our Vision 2030 goals.

Increasing the Region’s Prosperity

One of Vision 2030’s three goals is to increase per capita personal income to 90 percent as compared to the national average.

Per capita personal income is calculated as the total personal income of the residents of a geographic area divided by the resident population of the area. Overall, PCPI is a comprehensive economic indicator of the prosperity of the region.

We know to reach that goal of increasing per capita personal income, we must work on three things:

Northeast Indiana’s Business Attraction committee plays a unique role in increasing per capita personal income. By attracting companies that offer high-wage, high-skill jobs, we can increase the per capita personal income in the region.

The committee works to increase the number of projects that Northeast Indiana competes for by building a strong regional product and improving Northeast Indiana’s business climate.

The Business Attraction committee is grouped by subcommittees listed below.

Vision 2030 Business Attraction Subcommittees

Tax & Regulatory

Identify issues within the tax and legislative climate that impact Northeast Indiana business and will work to identify solutions.

Brand Ambassadors

Train and equip regional brand ambassadors to sell Northeast Indiana. Develop key messages for brand ambassadors and have a group of people to call on to travel on behalf of the region.

Site Selection & Spec Buildings

Work with Local Economic Development Organizations (LEDOs), land owners, developers, brokers, redevelopment and other key leaders to ensure the readiness of sites and increase building inventory through a regional spec building program.

Private Equity

Take steps to create and implement a regional private equity fund.

Northeast Indiana believes in the power of collaboration. Can you help grow the region? Contact us today to get involved in attracting business to Northeast Indiana.

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