Talent Attraction

In Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne, we are on the Road to One Million. We are investing in transformative quality of place projects to attract an educated workforce to live, work, play and innovate in Northeast Indiana.

One of Vision 2030’s goals is to grow our regional population to one million residents by 2030.

Gritty Determination Leads to Growth

Like many Midwestern communities, we are facing population stagnation. To compete in the global marketplace and meet the needs of regional employers, we know we must increase the number of qualified and diverse job candidates in the region.

In Northeast Indiana, we pivot challenges into brilliant opportunities for progress and growth. We’ve proven the grit to overcome the creativity ability to adapt and the fortitude to do it over and over again.

Industry giants, business executives and community leaders are working together pursuing measurable, tactical initiatives that grow our target industries, improve our national brand and spur economic growth.

The Talent Attraction committee of subject-matter experts volunteer their time to progress the goals of the region. The committee is grouped by subcommittees listed below.

Vision 2030 Talent Attraction Subcommittees

Diversity & Inclusion

Increase diversity of thought, background, experience and people to drive innovation. Focus on welcoming new people to the region and engaging in the community.

Lifeboat/Targeted Marketing

Identify and reach quality talent in other locations that become job-displaced and entice them to Northeast Indiana.


Focus on attracting college students inside and outside the region to Northeast Indiana after college.