Regional Priorities

Vision 2020’s regional priorities were actionable strategies to support our five pillars and our mission to increase business investment in Northeast Indiana.

Just like it's sucessor Vision 2030, Vision 2020 does not focus on low-hanging fruit.

These priorities, ranked by participants in the creation of Vision 2020, were both difficult to execute and highly desired—and that’s why we believe they are game changers for our region. By focusing on these progressive and innovative changes, we identifed the most desirable and difficult opportunities for economic and community growth or fourth-quadrant changes. The more challenging, the more impactful, the better, and we’re committed to bringing them to fruition.

And we are still advancing these priorities through Vision 2030.

We are focused on the following top priorities to support our Vision 2020 regional initiative:

Priority Wins

It’s no secret that we are a community of visionaries. We committed to seeing our Vision 2020 priorities fulfilled in a way that leaves a lasting legacy in the community and that benefits your business. While this vision takes a long-term commitment that has evolved to become Vision 2030, we have already succeeded in building a bigger and bolder region.

When a priority succeeds, we call that a win.

As we continue to work to bring our long-term vision to fruition, check out some of the priority wins over the years.

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