Food and Agriculture Sector Primed for Growth in NEI

In Focus with Stéphane Frijia

Friends of NEI,


As we embark on the journey of our 2024 Action Plan, our dedicated team is focusing on strategic efforts to strengthen and broaden our influence in sectors where Northeast Indiana shines competitively. Following updates on crucial areas such as MedTech, Specialty Insurance, and Defense and Aerospace, we now highlight the critical Agricultural and Food industry, with a special focus on Agtech.


Recent reports from our colleagues at AgriNovus have underscored the significance of agriculture to Indiana’s economy. Indiana holds a leadership role in producing row crops, specialty crops, livestock, poultry, and agricultural inputs like seed, chemicals, livestock nutrition, veterinary health products, and agricultural production and processing equipment.


Northeast Indiana’s agriculture, fueled by its fertile land which covers 78% of our region, is a pivotal economic pillar, supporting over 14,000 jobs. The region hosts food industry giants such as Maple Leaf Farms, Red Gold, Miller Poultry, Living Essentials, Dreyer’s/Edy’s Grand Ice Cream, Kraft Heinz, and many others, which are economic keystones throughout our area. Additionally, bio-energy leaders like Louis Dreyfus, POET Biorefining, Green Plains, and Bunge capitalize on our corn and soybean resources for biodiesel and ethanol production.


The report also spotlights unique opportunities for positioning Indiana as a prime location for AgTech enterprise development, leveraging statewide core competencies.


NEI continues to reaffirm our commitment to supporting entrepreneurial ventures, improving our business infrastructure, and fostering a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and growth in our Agricultural, Food and Agtech sectors. With significant water capacity, power, and ready-to-develop industrial sites, our region offers unmatched opportunities for dynamic and supportive business operations.


We are committed to continue collaborating with partners like AgriNovus to connect with global leaders and innovators in sectors ranging from plant sciences and crop protection to animal health and nutrition, value-added food and nutrition, and agricultural equipment and technologies.


Northeast Indiana’s rich lands and competitive landscape position our region and state for enduring growth and prosperity. As a thriving hub for the food and agriculture industry, we are attracting top talent and promoting a vibrant community. Significant investments in infrastructure and collaborative efforts with industry leaders underscore our area’s status as an appealing center for food, agriculture and technology, ensuring continued growth and excellence.


Warm regards,
Stéphane Frijia

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