NEI Quarterly Business Development Journey

In the dynamic realm of business development, staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal—it’s a necessity. As we embarked on an ambitious journey for FY24, we encountered a few bumps along the road. Two members of our business development team departed NEI to support the launch of Plug and Play Indiana. It was a bittersweet decision, indeed. However, I am proud that their talent was recognized and am glad that this important project is in the right hands!

Nonetheless, this event did not deter us. In the first quarter, NEI sourced 10 new projects and more than 80 new leads. That not only highlights the grit of our team but also our commitment to sourcing quality projects that align with our regional focus on sustainability, technological advancement and foreign direct investment. These include projects from South Korea, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and India, showcasing the global interest in Northeast Indiana. As these companies advance their research and due diligence on our region and sites, we are hopeful that our region and partners will meet their needs, requirements and expectations.

Four of these projects are centered on electric battery material recovery operations. A highlight is our involvement in sourcing a new battery assembly project, a testament to our region’s commitment to this significant industry and job creation. This concentration is a direct result of the changes in the national landscape for the EV and battery industry, largely influenced by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and various energy policies. These developments present both challenges and opportunities for domestic and international businesses, reflecting the national push towards a more sustainable future.

Our business development efforts have been underpinned by our participation in eight sales missions, three focusing on relationships with site consultants and the others on hard tech, like at CES or NAATBAT, or MedTech with ViVE, and international engagement with our participation in two US/UK Virtual Trade Missions. These missions have been instrumental in helping us source projects, engage with industry leaders and generate leads—a testament to the interest in collaboration across our focus areas.

Looking ahead to Q2, our calendar is brimming with activity. Each event has been carefully selected to align with our commitment to facilitating global and domestic growth opportunities, showcasing our role as pivotal facilitators in the business development ecosystem, including:

  • Site Selectors Guild in Nashville, TN (Apr 3 – Apr 5): Kicking off our Q2 engagements, this event will see us engage with top site consultants, sharing insights and opportunities in the evolving business landscape.
  • Select USA EU Roadshow in Germany (Apr 8 – Apr 12): An FDI-centric roadshow highlights our commitment to facilitating cross-continental investments with a focus on chemical manufacturing, renewable energy, advanced batteries, EV manufacturing, and production.
  • Aviation Week MRO Americas in Chicago, IL (Apr 9 – Apr 11): The world’s largest event for the commercial air transport maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) industry.
  • NextGen in Greenville, SC (Apr 28 – Apr 30): A platform for engaging with site consultants, focusing on the future of business locations and investment strategies.
  • SIOR Spring Conference in Amelia Island, FL (May 6 – May 9): An opportunity to delve into the latest in site consulting, sharing insights and strategies with industry leaders.
  • Roadshow #2 in NYC/NJ (May 20 – May 24): Continuing our engagement with site consultants, focusing on the dynamic business environment of the Northeastern U.S.
  • Area Development #2 in Virginia Beach, VA (Jun 10 – Jun 12) and Power Partnership #2 in Chicago, IL (Jun 11 – Jun 13): These back-to-back events will enable us to deepen our understanding and network within the site consulting community.
  • Orthopedic Manufacturing and Technology Expo (OMTEC) in Chicago, IL (Jun 11 – Jun 13): A key event for the MedTech sector, highlighting the latest in orthopedic manufacturing and technology.
  • SelectUSA in National Harbor, MD (Jun 23 – Jun 26): A flagship event for FDI, reinforcing our commitment to attracting international investments to the U.S.
  • Specialty & Ag Chemical Show in Savannah, GA (Jun 25 – Jun 28): Closing our Q2 engagements on a high note, focusing on the burgeoning AgTech sector and its innovations.


Economic development is a team sport. If you or your companies are attending any of these conferences, please reach out to the BD team so we can align efforts. As leadership-level investors in NEI, you are welcome to join us on BD missions if you think you can add value in those conversations. Again, please let us know if you would like to join us for any of these.

Looking forward, our journey is not just about navigating the present but shaping the future. With a calendar rich in diversity and potential, we are poised for a period of significant growth, collaboration and achievement. Together, we will continue to explore new frontiers, embrace challenges and seize opportunities, driven by our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

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