A Vision for Growth: Northeast Indiana’s Strategic Plan 2025-2027

Dear Friends and Stakeholders, It is with great enthusiasm that I share with you the highlights from our newly approved Strategic Plan for 2025-2027, a blueprint meticulously crafted to unleash the collective strength and potential of Northeast Indiana. This morning this strategic plan update has received the formal endorsement of our Board of Directors, signifying […]

Ashley Savieo and the Pursuit of Knowledge

Ask Ashley Savieo a question. She’ll think it over, formulate an answer and give you her thoughts. That patient mindset is a learned skill for Savieo, the Director of Economic and Business Development at American Electric Power (AEP). It was something she developed over time, and it was necessary because she wanted to move at […]

NEI Quarterly Business Development Journey

In the dynamic realm of business development, staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal—it’s a necessity. As we embarked on an ambitious journey for FY24, we encountered a few bumps along the road. Two members of our business development team departed NEI to support the launch of Plug and Play Indiana. It […]

Ellen Cutter helps Greater Fort Wayne thrive

In the world of economic development, someone rarely seeks it out as a lane when they start their professional career. Ellen Cutter, the Chief Economic Development Officer at Greater Fort Wayne Inc. (GFW), didn’t necessarily seek it out but was always headed down that path. “My background is in urban planning. And I didn’t know […]

Melanie Kellogg, outsider turned insider in Noble County

Melanie Kellogg isn’t new to Noble County, but that didn’t mean she felt like an insider when she became the Executive Director at Be Noble Inc., Noble County’s local economic development organization.   Kellogg worked previously in Noble County, but it wasn’t the experience she thought she would have coming out of college. After graduating […]

Sherri Johnston, a LaGrange County Lifer

Sherri Johnston is LaGrange County through and through.   She has spent nearly her entire life in LaGrange County, and currently, is the President and CEO of the LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation (LCEDC).   Johnston has been in her position for five years. However, she didn’t jump right into the field of economic development […]

Vanessa Hurtig, the Go-To Person at NEI

If you need to know anything, and I mean anything, about the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership (NEI), Vanessa Hurtig is your go-to person. Hurtig is the Vice President of Administration at NEI and has been with the organization since 2007. She started with NEI as an intern during her last semester at the University of Saint Francis. […]

NEI: A Thriving Hub for Specialty Insurance

Friends of NEI,   As we continue to execute our 2024 Action Plan, our focus sharpens on strategic initiatives designed to elevate and expand industry clusters where Northeast Indiana boasts a competitive advantage. Following our recent highlight on the MedTech sector, this communication turns the spotlight on our burgeoning Specialty Insurance industry.   In 2023, the global […]

MedTech continues to ascend in NEI

Friends of NEI, The NEI 2024 Action Plan underscores strategic efforts to enhance emerging or evolving technology sectors where Northeast Indiana (NEI) has a competitive edge. This includes areas such as zero-emission and off-highway vehicles, biotech, hardtech and automation, creative arts, specialty insurance, defense and notably, MedTech. The MedTech sector’s potential for growth and how […]

CEO Perspective – Economic Conditions

Last week, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis released its latest GDP estimates. Echoing this, Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen noted at the Economic Club of Chicago that 2023 witnessed robust economic growth, especially in its final quarter, achieving a 3.1 percent annual increase. Significantly, inflation has notably decreased, and consumer sentiment has […]