On the Road with Northeast Indiana’s Business Development Team

August 2022 Business Development Update

To attract top businesses to Northeast Indiana’s 11 counties, the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership’s business development team spent the majority of this year on the road connecting with c-suites, decision-makers and site consultants with the purpose of communicating why business is made better in Northeast Indiana. After all, traveling and networking to sell Northeast Indiana is key to increasing business investment in Northeast Indiana’s 11 counties.

By August 2022, the business development team traveled on 31 sales missions to target industry conferences, site consultant events and economic development forums. This business development strategy resulted in 33 projects, representing a potential of $6.5 billion in capital investment and roughly 5,000 new jobs, we are competing for on behalf of Northeast Indiana.

This is a big win for NEI and Northeast Indiana’s 11 counties. Thirty-three projects is the largest number of business attraction projects issued by NEI on record. And we are not stopping! The goal is to reach 40 projects by the end of 2022, and we’re very confident we will reach our goal.

Below is a snapshot of sales missions from the first half of 2022.

Select USA – In June, our team set up a booth at the Select USA conference in Washington, DC.  This four-day conference is centered on connecting with foreign-based companies looking for a soft landing place in the United States. Learn more about Select USA >>

Familiarization Tour (FAM Tour) – We hosted four of the nation’s leading site consultants in June for a familiarization tour of Northeast Indiana’s diverse 11-county region. This was an opportunity to show off our region and included a tour of Electric Works and a thorough overview of available sites and buildings throughout the region. The Local Economic Development Organization (LEDO) Council, regional utility partners, and private sector executives also joined us for a Fort Wayne Tincaps game at Parkview Field and dinner. Contact us to get involved in the next FAM Tour >>

Japan-Northeast Indiana Summit – Hosted by Grow Wabash County, business leaders across Northeast Indiana and Japanese partners came together at the Eagles Theatre in downtown Wabash to discuss the importance of automotive electrification and the exciting opportunities our region has to collaborate with the Japanese. We were also honored to be joined by the honorable Consul-General Hiroshi Tajima.

For the remainder of the year, we’re packing our calendar full! We will host the second FAM Tour of the year and travel for 25 additional sales missions. By the end of 2022, we expect to travel on 54 sales missions and issue at least 40 projects.

If you have any questions about business development opportunities for your business or want to discuss any of the events we attended, contact Senior Director of Business Development Brandon Noll.

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