Why Electric Works is a Game Changer for NEI

Massive Mixed-Use Development Adds Vibrancy in Downtown Fort Wayne

Electric Works is one of the largest office projects in the United States and was completed in 2022. It puts Fort Wayne in the same category as New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Austin and Charlotte, while triggering innumerable conversations of interest and amazement. Here is what site consultants have to say about the historic project:

  • “Electric Works is the most unique and impressive adaptive reuse project I’ve seen in 27 years of corporate site selection,” said Mike Grella, CEO and Founder of Grella Partnership Strategies and former Director of Economic Development with Amazon. “I would recommend Electric Works as an ideal place to any client seeking the tech vibe of Silicon Valley, New York, or Austin, at a fraction of the cost and commute.”
  • “The Electric Works project is an exciting addition to a thriving downtown that was already trending upward,” said Tim Conrad, president of Indianapolis-based consulting firm Stimulus and a Berne (Indiana) native. “I see the uniqueness of the project being a huge draw for both workforce and companies. It’s a testament to a community that knows how to collaborate for a long-term vision.”
  • “One of the highlights of my visit was the opportunity to walk the new and very impressive Electric Works grounds, as well as various floors of finished and soon to be finished real estate,” said John Castro, CEcD Managing Director, Cast-McCrane from Dallas, TX. “It was truly a treat that exemplified the realization that creative imagination should be the core to all redevelopment projects.”

The team at NEI (Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership) has had a compelling story to tell the world about Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana for several years, but the hub of innovation, energy and culture that is Electric Works is a true game changer.

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