Meghan Ottah

Project Manager

Meghan Ottah joined NEI in April 2023. Her key responsibilities include effectively managing and driving everyday workflow among key internal teams such as Business Attraction, Marketing, and Regional Initiatives, as well as external stakeholders’ groups, to achieve the top line economic development goals of NEI. This includes creating production schedules and timelines for projects across the organization, serving as a traffic controller for workflows related to Regional Initiatives projects, utilizing project management platforms to plan and track projects, conducting and synthesizing research, and managing various platforms in support of email marketing campaigns.

Meghan has extensive experience and skills in managing programs, coordinating services, providing support and assistance to vulnerable populations and collaborating with community partners through various roles held in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Most recently she served the Misdemeanor Complaint Program at the 28TH Judicial Court of Allen County for the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, where she successfully increased prosecution for victims of crime. She has also held leadership and management positions in several nonprofit organizations such as: World Relief, Center for Nonviolence, the Burmese Advocacy Center, Crime Victim Care (now Amani Family Services), Fort Wayne Rescue Mission, YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne. Meghan is also dedicated and passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge making a positive impact on students in higher education and within the community school district as well. She is an Adjunct Professor at Purdue University and Ivy Tech Community College and a Continuing Education Teacher through Fort Wayne Community Schools. She has applied her skills and talents across several different sectors, and it speaks to her versatility, adaptability, and commitment to making a meaningful difference in those she serves.

Throughout her educational journey, she have had the privilege of studying at esteemed institutions such as Purdue University, Yale University’s MacMillan Center, Indiana University, University of Srebrenica, and Taylor University. Her master’s degree is in Communication from Purdue University, and she also obtained a Graduate Certification in Teaching English as a New Language from Indiana University. Additionally, she completed a program on Refugees, Forced Displacement, and Humanitarian Response at Yale’s MacMillan Center, and a Certificate in Genocide, Human Rights, and Post Conflict and Transitional Justice from the University of Srebrenica. Her undergraduate studies were in Social Work and Liberal Arts.

Meghan has been recognized for her outstanding achievements and contributions during her time at Purdue University. In 2018, she served as the Graduate Class Representative and Graduate Commencement Speaker, representing her fellow graduates and delivering an inspiring speech at the commencement ceremony. She was recognized as one of the Top 50 students two years in a row, showcasing her academic excellence. Meghan also received the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award as well as the Outstanding Graduate Research Award. She also served as the Fort Wayne Sister Cities Delegate to Myanmar in 2017, representing her community and fostering international relations. She also was inducted into the National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi for her academic achievements and was featured in Purdue University’s Distinguished Graduate Studies Journal showcasing her dedication to excellence. She was also awarded grant funding for international conferences and experiences during her graduate studies. Her numerous accolades highlight her exemplary achievements and commitment to excellence in academic and professional endeavors.

Meghan’s top five strengths in CliftonStrengths are:

  1. Achiever
  2. Relator
  3. Self-Assurance
  4. Ideation
  5. Focus

Did You Know?

  • Meghan has had the opportunity to explore the world beyond the borders of the United States more extensively than within her own country. She’s had the privilege of visiting 44 different countries and 14 different States within the United States.
  • As a self-proclaimed foodie Meghan relishes the opportunity to savor diverse culinary traditions.
  • Meghan’s favorite fruit is Rambutan (hairy fruit).

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