Whitley County

Whitley County produces world-known products such as paint color strips made at ChromaSource, submarine defense products made at Ultra Group: Mission Critical Systems, leading medical device products made at Micropulse and so much more. Whitley County’s ideal location—situated between Fort Wayne, Indiana’s second-largest city—and Warsaw, the Orthopedic Capital of the World—makes it a strong asset to the Northeast Indiana region.

Anything you want to make can be made in Whitley County with a welcoming business climate and a desire to boost the entrepreneurial spirit. In all of our towns and city, you’ll find entrepreneurs who began their start-ups in Whitley County and are success stories for the leaders in their respective industries.

Whitley County is a place full of family-friendly activities and communities thriving and offering a great quality of life for everyone.

Community Assets & Accolades

  • A prime location, Whitley County is within a maximum 3-day trip to anywhere in the country, making it an ideal place to start and grow a business.
  • Whitley County is home to Whitko Career Academy, which provides training opportunities in manufacturing, technology and education.
  • Whitley County has invested in the local school system with the addition of a new high school in the county’s largest city, Columbia City.
  • Low property taxes make Whitley County a desirable place to call home.


 Whitley County’s inviting small-town charm just might make you want to grow your business here.

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Explore Columbia City

Columbia City

Columbia City is in the heart of Whitley County and connected by a developed network of roadways like U.S. 30 and rail systems. The central location has spurred economic and development growth. Columbia City’s innovation of local businesses like 80/20 Inc., makers of custom metal-fabricated pieces as well as recently built Mach Medical lead their industries.

In addition to promising economic futures, Columbia City is proud of the various community events and activities throughout the year. Columbia City is home to First Fridays, the community 4-H fair, award-winning parks with various sporting events and local welcoming alleyways and parks that come to life with local residents and visitors. Columbia City has everything from outdoor adventures to special events to make life fun.


A vibrant, growing small town, Churubusco has been nicknamed Turtle Town U.S.A. after a famous turtle hunt in the 1940s. It is home to the oldest continually held festival in Indiana, the historic Turtle Days festival.

Churubusco completed its Downtown Revitalization Project, funded in part with a Main Street Revitalization Grant to bring reconstructed sidewalks, decorative lighting, landscaping, new benches and more to enhance the community in downtown Churubusco. The town is home to many locally-owned shops and major employers like C&A Tool.


The smallest town in Whitley County, Larwill is a rural community at the junction of U.S. 30 and State Road 5. The town recently adopted a new economic development district and Tax Increment Finance District (TIF).

Larwill is also home to the original, Ole’ Hitchin’ Post drive-in with concerts, bonfires and good community.

South Whitley

Home to Whitley County’s world-known Fox Products, South Whitley provides community charm and unique employment opportunities. South Whitley is home to agricultural powerhouse Ag Plus and makes instruments for the world’s greatest stages and has everything in between.

The town is home to great kayaking on the Eel River and park amenities matched throughout the county at Don and Vi LeBrun Gateway Park.

No matter where you’re at in Whitley County, you’ll find industry and connectivity. Everyone is welcome to call Whitley County home.

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