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Our 11-county region fits all kinds of lifestyles, including yours. Stay busy in Fort Wayne’s vibrant downtown, relax in our laid-back small communities, or seek outdoor adventure in our northern lake counties. People from all walks of life call Northeast Indiana home.

 We would love for you to be our neighbor.

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Northeast Indiana is a region that showcases the creativity and talents of many different walks of life. That’s what makes our region one of the best places to live in the country. 

 Arts, culture, and diversity thrive here, and you can too.

If you’re looking for a glimpse at life in the region, here’s a short list of ways we celebrate the arts-and-culture scene in Northeast Indiana.

Eleven Ways Northeast Indiana Celebrates the Arts

1. We’re a destination for arts and culture.

The vibrant arts-and-culture scene in Northeast Indiana fills calendars quickly. The Northeast Indiana arts community is creating an arts-centric region that will advance quality of life and cultural growth. From galleries and museums, like the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, to exhibits and hands-on workshops, you’ll find the creative outlet you need to balance the workday routine.

2. We have a campus dedicated to arts and a district rich with culture.

Established in 1955, Arts United is the third-oldest nonprofit united arts fund in the United States and the second-largest arts council in Indiana. Arts United’s mission is to develop, coordinate, and support arts and cultural efforts in Northeast Indiana. On the Arts Campus in downtown Fort Wayne is the Arts United’s Auer Center for Arts & Culture, where you’ll find the Fort Wayne Balletthe Artlink Art GalleryFAME, the Parkview Physician’s Group ArtsLab theater, and administrative offices for Fort Wayne Trails and Arts United. The building also houses a public lobby and a cafe. This Arts Campus is just one part of the downtown Fort Wayne Cultural District.

3. We celebrate our diversity.

In Northeast Indiana, we believe in celebrating the diversity that makes our community richer. For example, Fort Wayne, located in the heart of Northeast Indiana, is home to one of the largest populations of Burmese residents in the nation. The cultural influences are found throughout our regional art scene, and we host a number of annual events designed to showcase Burmese culture through dance and art. And that’s just one example. From traditional Japanese folk dancing to Taiko drums, the Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates all things Japanese, and has for more than 10 years. There’s also GermanfestGreek FestArab Fest, and the International Village at the Three Rivers Festival.

4. Art is a part of our history.

If you’re an artist looking to make an impact on the art scene, Northeast Indiana is a place you can blossom. Art is our past, our present, and our future. Many renowned artists got their start here. In Adams Countythe Decatur Sculpture Tour celebrates public art and the charming city’s history as the birthplace and boyhood home of David Smith, abstract expressionist sculptor and painter widely heralded as the greatest American sculptor of the 20th century for his large steel abstract geometric sculptures.

5. Street art adds color and vibrancy to our regional downtowns.

No matter which downtown, no matter which sidewalk, when you walk around our regional downtowns, art abounds. Sculptures seem to dance, and vivid murals painted by local artists on old brick buildings add instant interest. One can’t-miss event, Sculptures on the Square in downtown Auburn, features everything from hand-painted wall murals to public artwork made of recycled plastic material.

6. We love art, especially on Fridays.

There’s something special about Fridays. The workweek is over, and it’s time to celebrate a weekend full of opportunity. In Northeast Indiana, there are a lot of choices for fun on a Friday night. If you’re in Wabash and it’s the first Friday of the month, it’s time for First Friday. First Friday celebrates the vibrant arts and music scene in downtown Wabash. Stroll the streets, listening to live music and touring local art galleries, venues, studios, and museums.

7. Amish culture adds a rural flair. 

Part of life in Northeast Indiana is seeing a horse and buggy trotting down the road. This is Amish country. In LaGrange County, Amish life brings great diversity to the arts-and-culture scene in the region. The Amish community’s handcrafted arts and crafts include everything from furniture to custom artwork. 

8. Art pops up on every corner.

Pop-up boutiques. Spontaneous live art demonstrations. Downtown art tours. Impromptu galleries in vacant buildings. Art is around every corner in Northeast Indiana. The more informal, the better. Art can be celebrated outside the museum, and that’s what our pop-up-art scene is all about.

9. Art is big business.

Our region embraces its history of creative entrepreneurship. Businesses, including Vera BradleyMudlove, and Matilda Jane, started in Northeast Indiana. This is good soil for creatives.

10. Craftsmanship flourishes with handmade products.

We like to make things. From Amish furniture to sculptures and animation to environments, we are a community of doers. We build things that last, and we build them with our hands. Take for example, our Sculpture with a Purpose and our hand-painted park benches. We have the courage to think outside of the box and to create something that matters.

11. The creative juices are flowing in the region, and you can influence this progress.

In Northeast Indiana, we live out our values every day. We keep things simple, treat people with respect, and help our neighbor. That’s how we’ve always done it. Transplants from larger cities often comment about how easy it is to find a fit in our midsize community. The same can be said about joining the arts-and-culture scene here. Wunderkammer Company regularly encourages exhibitions featuring new and emerging artists while Jennifer Ford Art urges new-to-town artists to submit artwork to introduce artists to the growing creative community. Plant yourself in the region, and get ready for a Hoosier welcome. 

While there is a small-town feel throughout Northeast Indiana, you’re never too far from one of our vibrant downtowns with great dining and an exciting nightlife. 

From farm-to-fork cuisine to specialty craft cocktails, our dining and nightlife scene makes life in Northeast Indiana exciting and enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a glimpse at what life looks like in our area, here’s a short list of ways we celebrate our dining and nightlife. 

Eleven Ways Northeast Indiana Celebrates Dining and Nightlife

1. You can get the drink you want, and it’s locally made.

Whether your drink of choice is an ice-cold draft beer or a specialty craft cocktail made with local spirits, you’ll find it in Northeast Indiana. Here you can benefit from a vibrant bar scene. Whether you choose to visit a local dive bar or a high-class, white-tablecloth establishment, the locally made beer, wine, and spirits there are sure to quench your thirst. Here’s a short list of some regional entrepreneurs:

2. Night owls can cut a rug on the dance floor.

In any college town, you’ll find a trendy club scene. In our region, we have quite a few college towns,  so you have options. From nightclubs with national hip-hop artists to 90s night with your favorite DJ at the local dance club, a safe and fun night out with friends can last into the wee hours of the morning.

3. Music flows throughout the region. Can you hear it?

There’s something to be said for live music. Whether it’s smooth acoustic music from the back of a restaurant or an intimate show at a local winery, we not only can turn our live music up to 11, but we can also dial it back for a quiet date night.

4. The show will begin in 5-4-3-2-1.

Nightlife isn’t just about drinks and dinner. We uphold and embrace the classic dinner and a movie scenario. Welcome to the Midwest, where drive-in movie theaters are a summer tradition and free outdoor movie screenings bring communities and families together.

5. Appreciate the classics and benefit from the culture: Music here is a masterpiece.

Music in Northeast Indiana enriches your soul, and it makes our culture vibrant. From symphony orchestras to vocal ensembles, we appreciate the classics.

6. Fine dining is an experience here—it’s also a culinary adventure. 

Whether it’s a special occasion or an opportunity to treat yourself, indulging at a fine-dining establishment in Northeast Indiana will be memorable, thanks to an array of options in all of our 11 counties. And the food! The food is magnificent. It melts in your mouth. It smells like heaven. It tastes like nothing you’ve ever had before. Are you ready to experience the culinary adventure that awaits in Northeast Indiana?

7. Farm-to-fork is a fad in some places, but here, it’s a way of life.

For centuries, Northeast Indiana has been home to farmers raising cattle and tending fields. But in recent years, we have grown into a foodie hotspot, welcoming creative chefs and locally sourced farm-to-fork restaurants sure to please any palate. And we have room to grow, too. If you’re inspired by our rural charm and entrepreneurial spirit, come enjoy a great local meal, and treat yourself to the tastes from our regional farms.

8. There’s just something better about eating al fresco.

Whether you’re enjoying breakfast, lunch, or dinner, eating in outdoor cafes is always a treat.
In Northeast Indiana, there’s convenient parking and there are plenty of outdoor dining options including Mad Anthony’s Lake City Tap HouseJoseph Decuisthe Hoppy Gnome and others to choose from.

9. Want to hear the best-quality sound? Let’s head outside!

The sun shines down on you as you sit in lush green grass, music travels through the air, and your favorite performer is on stage. When it comes to sound quality, there is no better place to experience live music than in the great outdoors. You can enjoy a multitude of outdoor performance venues in Northeast Indiana. 

10. On Sundays, we brunch.

Brunch is that nice sweet spot in the day that’s a little later than breakfast and little earlier than lunch. It’s a time when you can unwind after a weekend full of adventure and prepare for a relaxing Sunday with family. From greasy-spoon dive restaurants to breakfast buffets paired with a bloody mary and a mimosa bar, Sunday brunch will fill your belly and your heart.

11. The food truck craze is taking over Northeast Indiana.

From lunch in downtown Fort Wayne to food trucks at First Fridays in Wabash, we love eating our food on the street. Somehow, it just tastes better. If you’re looking for a quick dinner and want to locate a food truck near you, we have a huge perk for you, you food-truck foodie. Dash n’ Dine is an app that helps you locate some good grub. The best thing about food trucks? Where there’s one, there are many, and that means more food—and fun—for you!

Cultural festivals. Foodie fairs. Car shows. Pet parades. No matter what kind of festival fun you like to have, we have an event just for you.

In Northeast Indiana, we love to throw a party. Simply add “fest” to the end of the name, and we’ll see you there.

There’s a lot to pick from, too. Here’s a short list of different types of festivals we host in the region. 

Eleven Different Types of Festivals in Our Region

1. We love to throw festivals. 

In Northeast Indiana, we encourage people from all walks of life to dream big — like festival big. From Greek Fest and Germanfest to the Cherry Blossom Festival and  Berne Swiss Days, we celebrate culture here because diversity makes our community richer. It gives us truly original flavor, and that’s something we can all benefit from.

2. Welcome home, neighbor. Now let’s celebrate.

We love our home in Northeast Indiana, and you can benefit from this hometown pride, too. Whether  it’s in Adams County or Whitley County, each of our 11 counties celebrates hometown pride. Fort Wayne has the Three Rivers Festival, Indiana’s second-largest summer festival—a family-friendly nine-day community-wide party.

3. Beer. Wine. Spirits. There’s a festival for that.

Local breweries, wineries, and distilleries are scattered throughout Northeast Indiana, but when you want to find them all in one place, just attend any one of the many festivals in the region. Not only does a festival bring all the best local vendors to one place, but it also draws visitors in with its taste-testing atmosphere. At many of our local beer or wine festivals, you can taste as many samples as you’d like, and there are always discounted prices on nonalcoholic choices for the designated driver, too!

4. We’ve reinvented the average arts festival.

There’s unique beauty in handmade art, and in Northeast Indiana, our region is teeming with stunning artwork. We are shaking up your average art festival, too. How do live art demonstrations sound? You can benefit from our creative arts culture and any number of our region’s art festivals. From artisans who are molding sculptures of people to those who are reinventing painting techniques, innovative craftsmanship prospers here.

5. We love a parade!

We love any reason to parade around town. Whether you are showing off your classic car or walking your dog to benefit pooches, festival parades are a part of life in the region. The best part? You get to pick the festival that interests you most!

6. We’re crafty, and we show it.

We have many different arts and craft festivals in the region. But one very popular destination is in LaGrange Countythe Shipshewana Arts and Crafts Festival. The festival is a tribute to the crafting and old-fashioned culture in the surrounding Shipshewana countryside. Quilters, carvers, painters, cloggers, musicians, and crafters of all types flood the town and its many quaint stores, providing demonstrations and entertainment.

7. We are always celebrating downtown.

Our regional downtowns are full of energy and enthusiasm. When you there, you can feel it. It’s a good feeling too. Our downtowns are vibrant, and there are always fun things to do. In our smaller communities, you’ll find quaint and charming First Friday events that feature arts, live music, and local food. In Fort Wayne, our region’s largest city and the second-largest city in Indiana, you can enjoy a different festival nearly every weekend during the summer.

8. Northeast Indiana: a Midwestern music hotspot.

Momentum has a soundtrack, and it’s loud. With a mix of up-and-coming bands and national touring acts, Northeast Indiana’s music-festival scene is getting louder. Can you hear it? This is a place where indie, hip-hop, and rock and roll don’t just coexist, they converge.

9. Welcome to our 4-H fairs, where you can celebrate country heritage.

The smell of elephant ears fills the air. Loud music is muffled by excited screams from this year’s most popular fair ride. And you finally get to taste a fried Oreo. Welcome to an Indiana 4-H fair. Remember, you don’t have to be a farmer to enjoy a good, ol’-fashioned 4-H fair. From the homemade-pie competition to the livestock auction, the 4-H fair is where we honor the best in our country traditions, while being open to new ones. At the 4-H fair, you’ll get a real taste of our welcoming community, and that’s just one way you can benefit from our Hoosier hospitality.

10. Calling all motorheads! Come to Northeast Indiana and show off your sweet ride.

Cars are part of our history in Northeast Indiana. We design them. We build them. Today, we still celebrate this part of our history. At the Auburn Cord Duesenberg (ACD) Festival, hundreds of thousands of people venture to DeKalb County from around the world to honor the automobile legacy of the Auburn Automobile Company. Want to show off your car? You can do that, too. Many car clubs hold social events at local restaurants that include outstanding car shows. So cruise on in with your sweet ride and show us what’s under the hood.

11. Holidays are a time to celebrate—together. Join us, won’t you?

How do we celebrate holidays in this region?  With a community-wide festival, of course. Whether it’s HalloweenChristmas or any other holiday, the counties throughout our 11-county region celebrate in the streets with parades, live music, outdoor movies, and more. Holidays are big in Northeast Indiana because we love spending the important moments in life together. Are you ready to reap the benefits of living in a close community? We hope so, neighbor!

We take risks. We compete. We are in it to win it, and we know you are too. If you’re competitive or just looking for a fun and affordable family-friendly outing, Northeast Indiana’s sports and recreation offerings are here to fill your days with adventure.

Here’s a short list of ways we enjoy our sports in Northeast Indiana:

Eleven Ways We Enjoy Sports in Northeast Indiana

1. You can relax at one of the best minor-league-baseball parks in the nation.

Home to the Fort Wayne TinCapsParkview Field in downtown Fort Wayne is regularly ranked as one of the best minor-league-baseball parks in the nation. It’s not only a place where you can buy a $1 beer on Thursdays, but it’s also a family-friendly baseball stadium with a rock-climbing wall and plenty of chances to get the kids’ picture taken with Johnny, the team’s mascot.

2. We take our hockey seriously. 

If you hear “Welcome to the Jungle” echoing from the Memorial Coliseumthe Komets, Fort Wayne’s hockey team since 1952, are on the ice, and they’re probably winning, too. Three years in a row the Komets won the Turner Cup, and each season their fans expect no less. Komets fans are dedicated. On any given night from October to April, the Komets play in front of more than 7,000 people.

3. There are ants on the basketball court!

If you see a buff 6-foot blue ant sporting a basketball jersey with “Mad Ants” on the front, you’ve just met the Fort Wayne’s basketball team mascot, the Mad AntThe Mad Ants, an NBA Development League owned by the Indiana Pacers, is a team of up-and-coming NBA hopefuls. Tickets are affordable, and a game is the perfect outing for the whole family.

4. Sports are a part of our history.

Since the beginning, we’ve been a community of risk takers. This innovation-focused mentality has led to some major influences in sports history. It all started on June 2, 1883, when Fort Wayne hosted the Quincy Professionals in one of the first lighted baseball games ever played. But our love for invention and baseball didn’t stop there. We made history again when the all-star pitcher for the Fort Wayne Daisies, Dottie Collins, inspired the cult-classic baseball movie A League of their Own.

5. We have a spot for you on the team.

Everyone has a place to play in Northeast Indiana, thanks to Turnstone. Turnstone is the only not-for-profit organization in Northeast Indiana that provides supportive services that address the unique needs of people with physical disabilities and that meet family members’ needs. Turnstone is one of the three largest U.S. Paralympic sport clubs in the country, and it is regularly awarded for its programming, too.

6. Cheer for your alma mater, and we’ll see you in the stands.

College sports are in our blood—after all, we are famous, thanks to the movie Rudy. From Indiana University basketball to Notre Dame football, we’re in the stands cheering. Purdue University Fort Wayne is our largest university, and it has NCAA Division I teams. You’ll also see us cheering for Trine University and Manchester University, both Division III schools. Other regional universities, such as Huntington UniversityIndiana Tech, and the University of Saint Francis, play in the NAIA.

7. Grab your running shoes for one of the biggest races in the Midwest.

Since its inception in 2008, Fort4Fitness has seen thousands of people cross the finish line, running or walking a total of more than 400,000 miles. Are you ready to be one of them? Fort4Fitness started a revolution in Northeast Indiana, encouraging people to live active, healthy lifestyles. The annual fall event features a marathon, a half-marathon, a 10K, a 4-mile walk/run, a kids marathon, a seniors marathon, and a cycling race and tour. Each year, there are new participants, new inspirational stories, and new adventures.

8. See you on the back nine!

PGA golf courses—that’s really all you need to know about golfing in Northeast Indiana. From rolling country hills to majestic lakeside views, our spectacular golf courses offer challenging designs and clubhouse perks. Located in the northeast corner of the region, the Angola and Fremont areas boast six beautiful golf courses offering a variety of play. There’s also the award-winning Sycamore Hills Golf Club, designed by Jack Nicklaus.

9. Competitive? Bring your A game. It’s time for intramural sports.

Once an athlete, always an athlete, right? Thankfully in Northeast Indiana there are plenty of ways to be competitive. From semipro teams to training camps, classic sports such as football, soccer, and volleyball have a place here. And our intramural teams are always looking for new team members.

10. Sports are more than a game. Let’s get social!

Call it social sports or call it a beer league, no matter the terminology, these leagues’ games are filled with more laughs than scoring. What’s your interest? Dodgeball, cornhole, wiffle ball, Ultimate Frisbee, wallyball, or something else? Don’t worry, we’ve got them all.

11. Youth leagues keep the kids busy too.

In Northeast Indiana, kids have access to top-notch schools with successful sports programs. But if you’re looking for fun outside of school, our youth sports offer affordable and convenient programming to make life easier for parents. Whether you’re a homeschooling family or you’re looking for a new sport for your children to try outside of school, you’ll find lots of opportunities here. 

Welcome to Northeast Indiana, where our tenacious spirit and appetite for adventure connect us with nature and fill our region with unique attractions and great getaways. 

 It’s time for you to choose your own adventure, and that adventure is right here in Northeast Indiana.

What opportunities are at your doorsteps in the region? Here’s a short list of ways you can enjoy our natural wonders. 

Eleven Ways to Enjoy Northeast Indiana’s Outdoors

1. Reap the benefits of lakeside living.

Northeast Indiana’s lakes are unlike any in the country. Come find out for yourself! Throughout our 11-county region you’ll find crystal-clear glacial lakes with sandy beaches. You can have the best of both words: a condo in the city and a cottage on the lake, but you don’t need to own a lake house to relax on any of Northeast Indiana’s hundreds of lakes. Our lakes are publicly accessible for adventures and family outings alike. Whether you want to ride the waves wakeboarding or host a simple lakeside picnic with the family, our region’s lakeside adventures await.

2. Walk. Run. Bike. Commute. You can do it all on the trails.

Getting around is easy in Northeast Indiana, thanks to more than 100 miles of trails traversing the region. Our interconnected trails follow rivers, intersect parks, and lead right up to the edge of a lake. Wherever you need to go in Northeast Indiana, the trails can get you there.

3. A park that fits your lifestyle.

City parks. County parks. State parks. We have a park that’s perfect for you. Our city parks are filled with walking paths and downtown skyline views. Our country parks are nestled near quaint lakes and flowing creeks. But the state parks are where you’ll really enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Whether you are camping or looking for a cozy room at the park inn, you’ll find the perfect spot in  our Northeast Indiana parks. We love our parks—and you will, too!  

4. Rivers flow through our downtown, connecting communities.

Located at the confluence of three rivers, Fort Wayne’s scenic downtown and vast connected riverways provide the perfect recreation. With plans that include natural wetlands that allow you to reconnect with nature, an activity park that encourages people of any age to play, and a promenade that welcomes you to stroll and enjoy shopping and dining along the river, the vision for the riverfront is bigger and bolder than ever. Are you ready to join us on the river?

5. Yeah, we paddle, but you’ll like our easy pace.

We paddle rivers, lakes, and reservoirs at an easy pace all over Northeast Indiana. Whether you have your own gear or you’re looking for a rental, there’s always somewhere new to explore and our Hoosier hospitality to help you along the way. You can enjoy kayaking and canoeing on the multitude of lakes and streams and visit attractions along the way. Stop for a drink. Have dinner. You can do it all on the waterways.

6. We don’t need mountains to go mountain biking.

Travel to any number of our 11 counties in Northeast Indiana, and you’ll find a mountain-biking trail to quench your thirst for adventure. In Indiana, we do not need mountains to create a trail that takes your breath away, makes you break a sweat, or has you gripping the handlebars even tighter. We have all that here. If you are seeking adventure, join us, and let’s have one together.

7. Ready to experience a 30-second thrill ride?

A Northeast Indiana tradition sees thousands flocking to Steuben County for summer on the lake, but when winter arrives there’s another tradition—Pokagon State Park’s refrigerated Toboggan Run. The run features a 30-foot tower, exciting dips and valleys, and a total vertical drop of 90 feet over the course of a quarter mile. The top recorded speed was clocked at 42 mph, and you could  fly just as fast. After a long day of thrills, be sure to relax by a crackling fire during your stay at the park’s Potawatomi Inn Resort and Conference Center.

8. We embrace winter, and you will too.

In Northeast Indiana, we get active in the winter. The crisp air is refreshing, and when the fluffy snow blankets the ground, it’s the perfect time to play. Throughout the 11-county region, we have opportunities to explore winter’s natural wonders with snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or quiet winter hikes. It’s really a magical time of year. Come feel it for yourself.

9. You can become a master of nature, and you can school your friends.

If you love to learn and have a passion for the outdoors, our regional educational programs can benefit you. Through the Purdue University county extension offices and in conjunction with our county park system, you can become a master gardener or a master naturalist. The intensive training in this education and volunteer program teaches everything from gardening principles to wetlands protection.

10. Find your muse just like famous author and naturalist Gene Stratton-Porter.

The Cabin at Wildflower Woods lies nestled on the shore of Sylvan Lake, near Rome City, in Noble County. It is the beloved home and final resting place of Gene Stratton-Porter, one of Indiana’s most popular authors and one of the world’s first nature photographers and conservationists. With its wondrous wildflowers and cooing birds, the Gene Stratton-Porter home is the muse for many nature lovers, authors, and artists.

11. Camp in style. Camp your style.

Youth camp for the kids. RV parks for the retired. Equestrian camps for the animal lovers. Backwoods campgrounds for the experts. And even cabins and inns for the newbies. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and connect with nature, camping in Northeast Indiana is the way to go. From private campgrounds to state parks with lots on the lakes or rivers, camping here is convenient, affordable, and not too crowded compared to camping spots in other parts of the country. See you at the campground!


There’s clearly a lot going on here. Are you ready to experience the benefits of a region rich with culture and diversity?

Eleven Unique Counties to Call Home

Not far from the vibrant Fort Wayne downtown area are clear lakes, charming small towns, and hospitable rural counties. Each of Northeast Indiana’s counties features a unique economy and quality of life. Want to learn more? Follow the links below to connect with each of our member counties.

Adams County Contacts

Adams County Economic Development Corporation

  • Serves to assist business development needs in Adams County.

Berne Chamber of Commerce

  • Reports on current news, attractions, and events, and assists individuals who are relocating to the area.

Decatur Chamber of Commerce

  • Promotes local events and businesses, and assists those looking to relocate with information about the town.​

Allen County Contacts

Greater Fort Wayne Inc.

  • Represents Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana, as a metro chamber alliance and primary point of contact for economic growth.

Visit Fort Wayne

  • Official destination for Fort Wayne and Allen County events, lodging, restaurants, maps, deals, tours, attractions, and relocation information.

Living Fort Wayne

  • Provides information on restaurants, nightlife, shopping, apartment options, and more.​

DeKalb County Contacts

DeKalb County Economic Development Partnership

  • Works to improve the quality of life for the citizens of DeKalb County through enhanced employment opportunities resulting from the responsible growth of business and industry.

DeKalb County Partnership

  • Has information on all the cities, towns, education, and demographics in DeKalb County.

DeKalb County Visitors’ Bureau

  • Provides information about businesses, attractions, lodging, etc. Informational brochures can also be downloaded directly from its website.

Huntington County Contacts

Huntington County Economic Development 

  • Provides businesses with many of the services they need for start-up, expansion, relocation, incentives and workforce development.

Huntington County Chamber of Commerce

  • Provides a calendar of events and suggestions for ways to get involved in the community.

Huntington County Visitors’ Bureau

  • Offers a wide range of information on attractions, recreation, shopping, dining, lodging, events, and travel.

A vibrant downtown center. Summer days on the lake. Affordable cost of living. Are you ready to be our neighbor?

Kosciusko County Contacts

Kosciusko County Economic Development Corporation

  • Provides businesses with many of the services they need for start-up, expansion, relocation, incentives and workforce development.

Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce

  • Works with members to stimulate healthy and diverse business growth in the community.

Kosciusko County Visitor’s Bureau

  • Serves as a destination marketing organization obligated to the mission of representing and marketing Kosciusko County to all types of visitors.

LaGrange County Contacts

LaGrange County Chamber of Commerce

  • Provides news, an event calendar, and relocation information for new residents.

LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation

  • Focuses on assisting entrepreneurs and businesses within the county, providing news and working with new businesses.

Noble County Contacts

Noble County Economic Development Corporation

  • Assists companies and entrepreneurs who want to relocate and provides quality of life and educational information, along with community links.

Visit Noble County

  • Promotes tourism by connecting partners and events, developing unique assets and enriching visitors’ experiences in a way that contributes to economic growth.

Chamber of Commerce Offices in Noble County

Steuben County Contacts

Steuben County Economic Development Corporation

  • Works to develop and sustain a diversified economy that promotes economic growth and innovation by embracing the ingenuity of employers, cultivating a highly-educated workforce, and maintaining a high quality of life valued by residents and visitors alike.

Steuben County Tourism Bureau

  • Includes all the visitor information you need, from restaurants and lodging to campgrounds, boat rentals, and public beaches throughout Northern Indiana Lake Country. Will provide relocation information upon request.

Angola Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Provides links to multiple local resources and lists current events and job postings, as well as relocation information upon request.

Wabash County Contacts

Grow Wabash County

  • Provides consultants, site selectors and business leaders the information and opportunities necessary to expand, start or relocate businesses in Wabash County.

Wabash County Convention & Visitors’ Bureau

  • Provides information on local events, museums, lakes and reservoirs, entertainment, maps, tours, and historic attractions.

Wells County Contacts

Wells County Economic Development 

  • Located in the heart of Bluffton, Indiana, Wells County Economic Development is committed to attracting and retaining the best businesses and workers.

Wells County Chamber of Commerce

  • Provides community news, relocation information, a list of events, and community links.

Whitley County Contacts

Whitley County Economic Development Corporation

  • Serves as a single point of contact for business and industry in Whitley County, Indiana. The EDC works on behalf of Whitley County, which includes the City of Columbia City and the Towns of Churubusco, Larwill, and South Whitley.

Whitley County Chamber of Commerce 

  • Committed to assisting those looking to relocate to the area as well as those who currently live in the area by providing the latest information on events and attractions.

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